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speak out: Sexy Lab Rats are lab rotten

By C.G.

“Hmm… let’s see. I am a 19 year old female at Simon Fraser University. I want to devise a plan that will make all those young, overly-horny heterosexual males at SFU want me. No, I don’t want to go out with them, I already have a boyfriend… I guess, I guess I just want those guys to think I’m hot. You know, like they’ll have sexual fantasies about me. No, I don’t want to have sex with them, like I said, I have a boyfriend… But having guys to want me sexually doesn’t make me a slut!”

No, but guys might think you’re a cock-tease. Hello, my name is Courtney. What you just read above is what I assume went through the minds of Robyn and Wesla prior to agreeing to be part of “Lab Rats,” the Peak’s attempt at ‘reality journalism.’ I am writing because I have a grievance with the way Robyn and Wesla sensationalised their sexuality in their “Labs Rats” profile for attention. I am using their actual names because they chose to make them public through taking part in “Lab Rats.”

In “Lab Rats” a Peak journalist ‘gets to know’ the ‘real’ Robyn and Wesla, two students at SFU. Apparently, students at this school are dying to get to know ‘real’ people. Anyways, the Peak interviewer gets to know Robyn and Wesla by asking them pointless questions about their lives such as “What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done,” “What is your favourite drink” and “What is your favourite word” – questions to which I’m sure every student is dying to know the answers to.

Apparently, reality entertainment is important for people these days, because they like being reassured that ‘real’ people exist. I’ve also noticed that people just like being entertained in general. According to Robyn and Wesla, just being able to entertain all us poor, miserable students was enough justification to sexually exploit themselves in their profile. Sex is the ultimate form of entertainment, for men. Robyn and Wesla use entertainment as an excuse to talk about sex and get school-wide attention.

Their excuse bothers me. Since Robyn and Wesla chose to make their lives public, they should care about how they are presenting themselves to SFU’s population. I don’t understand why Robyn and Wesla want to be known for licking other girls’ nipples at parties, wanting to ‘do’ Britney Spears and wearing whipped-cream bikinis. I guess these Simon Fraser friends take what they see on television a little too seriously.

Over a series of email exchanges I tried to explain to Robyn and Wesla why they should not be proud of the comments they made in “Lab Rats.” The most important thing I learned from these exchanges is that Robyn feels it is empowering to be known as a publicly sexual person. Okay, fine. But I just don’t understand how this could be possible in an environment like SFU, where many sexist men reside. Is it empowering to have young heterosexual guys, many of whom I assume regularly watch pornography, wanting to sleep with you? It is empowering to have a guy, who is sexually aroused by submissive girls, wanting to sleep with you?

Another discredit to this ’empowerment’ argument is that he only wants to sleep with you. Why would he stay with a girl who acts in ways that sexually arouse all sorts of other men? How can you both attract men who are aroused by female sexual submission, and still consider yourself sexually empowered? It is impossible to be both submissive and empowered! It seems to me that Robyn and Wesla have confused being overtly sexual with being sexually submissive to what men want. Being open about sexually degrading circumstances – like Robyn and Wesla are – only makes them appear sexually available to men. Now, maybe I’m wrong, but from what I’ve learned, if a heterosexual guy knows a woman is sexually available, he doesn’t care about getting to know her personality. Instead, he spends his time trying to create an opportunity to get some sex.

I’d like to close with some pointers to all the ‘attention-seeking’ female Robyns and Weslas at SFU (I do acknowledge there are also attention-seeking male students). I just can’t stand to feel embarrassed for these women any longer because of the unnecessary means they take to attract men.

Advice to heterosexual women at SFU:

1. Stop talking about your lesbian experiences. Kissing another girl once or twice at a party for attention, doesn’t necessarily mean you are more sexually free/empowered/liberated, than the rest of us.

2. Stop talking openly about sex JUST to attract guys. You are getting their attention for reasons you might not be willing to fulfill.

3. (slightly unrelated) Please stop wearing stiletto heels to school. It painful to have to see you struggle trying to walk in them. SFU is not an environment to pretend you’re in an episode of Sex in the City.