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Fuck Donald Trump — really?

Trump is mired in misinformation and unjustified hate, so let me clarify a few things

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I used to be extremely anti-Trump. “He’s a racist, the wall is ridiculous, he’s a bad businessman, and he has no experience,” I would say. Like many, I was quick to attack the man but not his policies. Last week, The Peak produced the front-page opinion-editorial by Sarah Finley called “Fuck Trump.” Now, there’s a lot of misinformation causing unjustified hate toward the Donald that needs to be cleared up.

Is the wall a stupid idea?

Trump’s wall is his most controversial proposal. People sometimes overlook the fact that there is already a border wall. It doesn’t function well at all, and illegal immigrants — specifically unescorted children — have poured into the United States recently, causing what’s known as the “2014 American Immigration Crisis.” Getting Mexico to pay for it is a long shot, but it is possible if you read his plan.

A nation is not a welfare system for other countries’ citizens. Canada has geographic luck on our side, and we don’t have to worry about walls to keep out illegal immigrants. Countries should have full control over who comes in, and a wall would do just that.

Is Donald Trump a bad businessman?

Trump has oddly come under criticism for his supposed business failures. He said he started off with “a small loan of a million dollars,” as Business Insider reports, and turned it into his multi-billion dollar empire and some of the most renowned buildings on Earth.

Oh, Trump’s companies have declared bankruptcy? Yes, he admitted in a 2015 debate on Fox News that he “used the Chapter laws” in four cases to legally protect his businesses when they were closing. The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City became a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises in 2016; but in the last few years, several Atlantic City casinos have declared bankruptcy or shut down.

Finley called Trump a “reality television personality,” something I’ve heard time and time again. He was famous before his appearances on The Apprentice, though: his book The Art of the Deal, released in 1987, was on the New York Times’ bestseller list for 51 weeks.

How about we hate on the GOP instead?

Fuck Donald Trump? Fuck the GOP for not producing any strong candidates. John Kasich was the managing director of Lehman Brothers, the Wall Street investment bank that went bankrupt in 2008 and almost took the US economy with it. And the Bush dynasty simply shouldn’t hold another US presidency for obvious reasons.

Finley said Trump is “the harshest GOP candidate,” partly because he said he would “bomb the shit out of [ISIS].” Meanwhile, Ted Cruz’s policy was to “carpet bomb [ISIS] into oblivion,” adding that we’d soon find out if “sand can glow in the dark.” Former speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner called Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” and said he has “never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in [his] life.” Would you prefer Cruz to Trump?

Trump is by no means perfect — just like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the only other candidates still running. His position on torture is horrifying, and his lack of experience is a drawback.

But in the end, many of Mr. Trump’s policies are actually well-done. His China-US trade policy addresses the $365-billion trade deficit through tariffs. For those of you interested in policy, and not perception, check out Trump’s positions on immigration, healthcare, and especially the wall. I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Michael Merry

    Your article has my approval and gratitude, sir. A little research shows that Mr trump is in reality a very clever and thoughtful man, not the loose cannon image liberals have worked so hard to cultivate.
    Donald Trump for president 2016
    (anyone but that douchebag Hillary and her campaign slogan for idiots: “fighting for us” lol)

    • Kevin Swizzelistic Papa

      You mean #DouchebagTrump? Ok, I get it.

  • reslus

    When you understand that the Immigration crisis has been because of US drug enforcement policies, you begin to understand that it’s a terribly myopic idea that’s an attempt (a very racist one) to deal with the symptom than the cause.

    Also, arguing that the businessman is not a terrible businessperson because “other casinos have also shut down in that time” is not really an argument.

    • Kevin Swizzelistic Papa

      No such immigration crisis. It’s actually a racism and bigotry thing!

  • Pensive

    I’m all for legal immigration. But if you want to get inside this country, get in line. I had a friend who waited nearly ten years and thousands of dollars latter before she was even granted a work visa. She eventually earned a post-graduate degree and is currently financially independent. It isn’t fair for someone to just run over the border, have a kid in the U.S. and then granted all the rights of citizenship just because you can sneak over illegally. Plus, it creates a burden in the school/social/welfare
    system, especially in border towns. Citizenship should be seen – and treated – as a privilege and honor; not just something given to any random person because they can jump over a fence.

    • Kevin Swizzelistic Papa

      Trump is an immigrant too! If he deports anyone, he should first deport himself!

  • Kevin Swizzelistic Papa

    #CrookedDonald for prison time!