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Board Shorts

Notes from the latest SFSS board of directors meeting

SFUAMB requesting money for survey

The Simon Fraser University Advocacy for Men and Boys club is asking the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) for $1,000 to conduct a research survey, with the end goal to determine if SFU needs a dedicated men’s centre. The survey would also gauge SFU students’ satisfaction with services that help with physical and mental health. The survey would go on for the rest of the semester, with the data being formatted next semester.

Presentation on Food and Beverage Services

SFU’s Food and Beverage Services (FBS) is looking for ways to start being for-profit, with a presentation from FBS general manager John Flipse suggesting things like turning part of the Highland Pub into a food primary location. Amidst the various suggestions, Flipse made it clear that prices of food and drink at SFSS-run food outlets were likely to go up.

Highland Pub already running behind budgetary schedule

The Highland Pub is around $60,000 behind where management was expecting to be right now, because they weren’t able to completely open for September. Many students may have noticed that the kitchen closed early in the first few weeks of the semester. This is because there were not enough available cooks for the pub. Flipse mentioned that there were a number of staff who did not return after the Highland Pub closed for the summer.