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Satellite Signals

What’s going on this month at SFU’s satellite campuses

Satellite signals

Harbour Centre

A new academic year has brought a new year-long installation to the Teck Gallery at Harbour Centre. Marianne Nicolson’s Oh, How I Long For Home looks at indigenous people’s identity in the city, through the means of photography and the gallery’s window.  


Until mid-October, Vancouver will become host to one of North America’s largest film festivals. This year, SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs has partnered with Vancouver International Film Festival to bring SFU Vancouver 80 screenings. Many of these screenings will take place at Woodward’s, where students can watch films from across 70 different countries.  

SFU Surrey

SFU Surrey calls all students with innovative ideas to engage with the SFU Surrey-Central City Student Community Engagement Competition for a chance to be awarded $7,000 towards their idea. This competition will also help students implement their ideas to improve community engagement throughout Surrey. Applications close October 12.