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Bus service still sketchy at snowy Burnaby campus

An update on what’s happening on the mountain


SFU’s exam season is still facing hurdles as the Burnaby campus has closed from 5 p.m. on for December 10. Vancouver and Surrey remain open, although students who have exams at those campuses who live on Burnaby Mountain are encouraged to contact their professors and reschedule.

Currently, there is a shuttle service for to get students to the 135 bus route as well as Production station.

The status for exams on December 11 are still up in the air. SFU has said they’ll make an announcement at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning alerting students if their exams will take place as scheduled.

This comes a day after hundreds of students were stranded at SFU due to the extreme weather during exam season. Social media has been full of both criticism and praise for how the university has been handling the situation.

For the fastest results, students are encouraged to check SFU’s Twitter account as well as Translink to find out if transit will be able to get students to and from the mountain.