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Chile Chile without water

Santiago, capital of Chile, was deprived of water for four days after mudslides contaminated the Maipo River, the city’s main source of water. Five million people were left without water, as it was polluted with rubber and mud, whilst businesses and schools were closed across the city. Three people were also reported dead along with 19 who are currently missing. The heavy rainfalls that caused the mudslides arrived after a problematic five-month drought that caused fatal wildfires around the country.

With files from New York Times and BBC News


France Corruption in French presidential race

As the French come closer to electing a new president in May, scandals are starting to emerge. François Fillon, the centre-right candidate for the conservatives, has been summoned to appear in court after allegations emerged that he paid his wife large amounts of the French people’s money for a fake job. Fillon refuses to step out of the presidential race, despite having slipped down the polls after Marine le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. What seems to be worrying parts of the French audience is the possibility of French voters shifting from Fillon to Le Pen, the extreme far-right candidate.

With files from BBC News and Al Jazeera


Syria UN report shows war crimes were committed in Aleppo

The UN has reported that the Syrian air force and the rebels committed war crimes in Aleppo last year. According to the UN Commission of Inquiry report, Syria, and its ally, Russia, used a disturbing amount of bombs and weapons in areas controlled by the rebels without any military target. The report clarifies it is unclear as to whether Russia or Syria was the main perpetrator of these indiscriminate attacks. On the other side, it was discovered that the rebels continuously used weaponry without any target, terrorized the civilian population, held humanitarian aid, and used civilians as human shields.

With files from BBC News and Al Jazeera


Korea Kim Jong-nam’s killers to be charged

Two women will be charged with murder for the death of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. They allegedly poisoned Kim Jong-nam with nerve agent VX, which appears to be a planned hit in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Malaysian authorities claim the women knew what they were doing when handling the chemical — however, the person who provided the chemical remains at large. It is possible that North Korea was the mastermind behind the attack because Kim Jong-nam openly criticized the regime. North Korea has denied such accusations.

With files from BBC News and Al Jazeera