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“Green Light” – Lorde

Jessica Whitesel: Aside from the fact that this is a new song — praise the Lorde (hahaha see what I did there?) I’m just hella impressed that she can put on makeup in a car. LIKE WHO ARE YOU? It’s not enough that she only just turned 20, she also can do makeup in a moving vehicle. We are mere mortals who don’t deserve Lorde.

Sera Akdogan: This sounded very “Lorde” up until the chorus. . . Her signature melancholy oddly goes well with the hopeful piano notes. She’s right, this is a “brand new sound.” And it’s extremely catchy. I think I like it.

Dana Foth: Classic pop tunes, yet somehow different. In this song, Lorde sings about her first major heartbreak, such a new theme in pop culture it’s almost revolutionary. Nevermind. . .  The song’s vibrance is catchy and energizing, I can see this becoming the summer tune 2017.

“What Do I Know?” – Ed Sheeran

JW: Oh Ed. I just want to pick you up and put you in my pocket. But other than that, this is a super hopeful and uplifting song which is kind of a nice change. Way to go, Ed!

SA: Still Ed Sheeran. Still cheesy. I’m sorry.

DF: The question we all asked ourselves during midterms. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who yet has to write an exam, I highly recommend this song for studying. It transfers instant relaxation to your exhausted student brain and it’s also a calming fact that not even Ed Sheeran has a clue about love and life.

“Nothing, Not Nearly” – Laura Marling

JW: So if you’ve never listened to Laura Marling, you should. She is amazing, but don’t know if you should start with this one. While Marling is on point, there are some moments when the guitar in the backing track sounds like penguins. So, listen to her other songs first so you can appreciate how great this one is.

SA: I love Laura Marling, so naturally I love this song. Excuse me while I play this on repeat and sing it alone to my cat on a Friday night.

DF: Personally, I am a huge fan of acoustic music and this artist really just nails it. The lyrics are on point and just perfectly describe the transient nature of love in a beautiful way. Makes a broken heart less bad when you have that kind of soul music to heal it.

“No More Sad Songs” – Little Mix feat. Machine Gun Kelly

JW: I’m not going to lie: my expectations for this song were pretty low. And honestly I can say I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t surprised either. I’m not a huge Little Mix fan and Machine Gun Kelly reminds me of some sort of ripoff of an off-brand Eminem. So this is huge pass from me.

SA: Breakup anthem 2017. I feel like all my single friends would enjoy this one. It’s peppy, catchy, and fun to dance to at the clubs while you grind up against randoms (if that’s your thing).

DF: To my own surprise, I actually quite enjoyed listening to this song. Judging from the comments underneath the YouTube video, a lot of fans summon more attention for this song, which I can only support.

“Go Off” – Lil Uzi Vert feat. Quavo, and Travis Scott

JW: So, I thought that they didn’t make propane powered cars any more? Does he mean gas? ALSO, IF YOU CAN SMELL THE GAS WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING, JUMP AND ROLL because maybe your car will blow up. But like, maybe that’s what’s going off? Who knows, but this is your typical Fast and Furious franchise song.

SA: Not really into this. When is the auto-tuned rapper trend going to pass?

DF: Wow, the lyrics to this song are so touching I can totally relate to this. It will lift me up when I’m feeling down and it will add value to joyous moments. #sarcasmoff

“I Lost My Phone” – The Tuesday Club

JW: I’ve lost lots of things while drunk, including my dignity, but I’ve never lost my phone. Or actually anything listed in this song. So while I can relate to the sentiment of just getting fucking wrecked, that’s about it. Also, the beat is super mid-’00s, which is kind of not the great.

SA: I feel like this song fully encapsulates my 19-year-old self — except I never did lose my phone. . . or my keys. I wasn’t THAT irresponsible. Also, the bridge/drop reminds me of Yoshi’s island from Mario Party.

DF: Funny coincidence, I did lose my phone last week, but it was a Friday not a Tuesday. #soclose. I think everybody can relate to this awful feeling that arises in your guts when you realize that you actually lost your phone. Not sure if they wanted to convey that with their song?

“As If” – Loop

JW: Wow, such aesthetic with the infinity symbol for the oo in Loop on the album cover. I haven’t felt this basic white girl in a long time and I definitely have gone into a Starbucks in Ugg boots and yoga pants recently.

SA: This song has a funky, ’80s feel, with low-key independent-woman feels. I’m into it.

DF: I really enjoy the bowwowowow of the melody in the background, reminds me of some great Dutch DJs! These tech-house songs always make me wanna go to a rave in Amsterdam or Berlin. Great song!

“Barf Day” – Diet Cig

JW: OMG SHUT UP. If you missed your own surprise party, don’t beat yourself up over it. You just have shit friends. Also this whiny ass nasally voice needs to stop. And you can buy your own damn ice cream, stand up for yourself.

SA: Poor girl, she just wanted ice cream on her birthday. Somebody give it to her so she stops whining. Please.

DF: Everybody knows those days when everything is just going wrong and you just wanna drop your stuff and quit life. I think this song would stop me from doing so. The singer is singing about how she wants ice cream for her birthday; I think she totally has her priorities figured out! #goals

“That’s What You Get for Gettin’ Outta Bed” – Grandaddy

JW: I got out of bed this morning and yeah, I get this song. I didn’t want to get out of bed or participate in today at all, but here I am with a headache and working super hard. Fuck being a responsible adult.

SA: Now THIS is the anthem of my 20s. The struggle of adulting, mixed with a side of self-loathing and just a dash of regret. I’m into it.

DF: If that’s what I get for getting out of my bed, I’d rather stay and sleep another round #thxbye

“Hypnotised” – Coldplay

JW: Well, this sure is Coldplay. And yep, that’s about all I have to say.

SA: I hate how unoriginal Coldplay is with their lyrics. I really wanted to like this song. . . until I heard those three predictable words: “hypnotized,” “your eyes,” and “mesmerized.” So close, Coldplay, so close. But hey, if they came out with an instrumental, I’d be so down.

DF: This is probably the most accurate music video I’ve ever seen in my life. The underwater shots match the feeling of the song so well. In case you ever want to meditate, just turn on this song and watch the video. Probably also really enjoyable after consuming certain substances, may be worth an investigation.

“Kiss Bang” – grandson

JW: Well, there was kissing, and banging, and also guns. But there is also some shitty attempt at bringing back nu-metal like it’s 2000, so that’s fun? (I am using the word fun the right way, right?)

SA: My thoughts during this song: I hope the side chick was okay.

DF: Surprised that this artist is not more popular. Great voice that I first imagined in a more reggae-context, but the mix of his voice, rock influences, and trap is really interesting. 9/10 –> wrap your head around it!

“Gucci On My” – Mike Will Made It feat. 21 Savage, YG, and Migos

JW: I would get behind this if I was lit at a house party. Like, this is the perfect song to dance to in a kitchen once people start passing out and hooking up. But I’m at work, and now all I want to do is go to a house party. So that’s neat, I guess.

SA: The dripping faucet noises in the background made me uncomfortable. Also, did Gucci pay them for this advertisement?

DF: Can you make a song sound more monotone? Not sure. Ranks high on my list of most boring songs in history that I just started.