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Agenda for March 15

Peak Publications Society Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
March 15, 2017
The Peak offices

Chair: Jessica Pickering

In Attendance:

  • Maia Odegaard (Board Secretary, non-voting)
  • Max Hill (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Nathan Ross (Collective Rep)
  • Jessica Whitesel (Collective Rep)
  • Jessica Pickering (Employee Rep)
  • Nikki Dumrique (At-large Member)


  • Russell Copley (At-large Member)


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of past minutes from January 18, 2017 and February 22, 2017
  4. Financial update
    Maia to present the state of the Society’s finances through February 2017. See appendix A.
  5. Staff writer
    Final decision to be made regarding Feb. discussion of staff writer position.
  6. Stipend Policy
    Policy requiring staff members to bring stipend requests to the Board prior to doing the work.
  7. Hiring Board Policy
    Revisiting the discussion of the Hiring Board policy from October 2016 Board meeting to include the formation of the hiring board.
  8. Summer Hiring
    Discussion about which positions will be open, reviewing updated job descriptions, and expectations of new hires.
  9. Removal of online content policy

    Maia to present a policy about corrections and article removal.

  10. AV Policy (Tentative)
    Jessica P. and Jessica W. to present the new sign out policy for AV equipment.
  11. Leave of Absence Policy (Tentative)
    Jessica P. to present a policy dealing with prolonged leave of absence.
  12. Contributor Pay Budget

    Maia to present a budget system to bring the contributor pay deficit under control.

  13. Disciplinary Policy

    Jessica P. to present a draft of a written disciplinary policy.

  14. In-Camera

  15. Adjournment