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Response to “Stuff We Like/Don’t Like” article

To our readers,

We have received a significant amount of feedback over an article we recently published in our arts section for our column “Stuff We Like/Stuff We Don’t Like.” As editor-in-chief of The Peak, as well as the author of the column, I would like to begin by offering an apology to those who have been unintentionally offended by the piece.

The article was in reference to the response by some filmgoers to the recent film Get Out directed by Jordan Peele. The film centres around an interracial couple, one of whom experiences significant racism at the hands of a group of white people. Responses to the film have been mixed, with some believing that its message is that all white people are racists. Though this has only been a fraction of the responses to the film, I felt that this reaction deserved to be called out for its shortsightedness.

I still firmly believe that this response to the film does not reflect its overall message, and that it misinterpreted the role of racism in the film. White people who respond to racial conversations with defensiveness rather than openness and empathy do not positively contribute to a larger and important discussion of institutional racism in America and abroad.

However, I understand how this article was interpreted to mean that I believed all white people were responsible for this response. I made an effort to imply in my article that my argument did not pertain to all white viewers of the film, but the title did not reflect this belief, and so I understand why it was taken to be a hurtful and bigoted comment. As a white man, I felt confident that I had the responsibility to take to task white people who respond to racial conversations in this way, but I understand why many felt that I overstepped my boundaries.

We at The Peak believe that our writers have a right to their own opinions, and that those opinions do not reflect the beliefs of our organization. The views expressed in this article do not have any bearing on the overall values of our publication. We plan to offer a formal response in our next issue. For those who would like to discuss the matter further, I can be reached at

Max James Hill

Editor-in-Chief of The Peak