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Election Special: Applied Sciences Representative

Faculty representatives maintain relationships with their faculties as well as Departmental Student Unions (DSUs). There are no specific prescribed duties for these positions, and they are dependent on the interests of the elected parties, such as advocacy and events.


Ekjot Billing 

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Sina Khalili

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Jeffrey Leung Headshot


1. Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?

I have always tried to be adventurous and do things that I feel challenging. As a SFU student, I would like to engage in the SFU community. When people ask “What did you do in SFU” I don’t want to just give “study” as the answer. Study is obviously important, but what’s more important is that what experience you got from SFU.

“Then what’s the difference between SFSS and other volunteering activities?” some people might ask. In the past, SFSS has made a lot of changes to make SFU a better place. This time, I would like to take a step forward and be the one to help improve the community on SFU. That’s the reason why I choose to be involved by being a SFSS Board of Directors.

2. What is the biggest issue that SFU needs addressed?

I would say the biggest issue that SFU needs address is student participation and engagement. “Engage in the community?” This phrase might seems quite vague. So I think that the most crucial thing to encourage student participation is to provide more opportunities for students to participate. Also, I think that it is important to let them know “where to start”.

3. Why are you a better candidate than who you are running against?

In this SFSS general election, all the candidates are really strong. They all have a lot of experience in different areas. However, I think I have a better understanding in what students need. As I am currently working in Residence Hall Association and various other clubs, I have always received opinions on how to make SFU a better place. So I would know what students with different background need.


Hanieh Zahiremami 

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