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Election Special: Business Representative

Candidates: Gini Kuo and Braeden Peterson

Faculty representatives maintain relationships with their faculties as well as Departmental Student Unions (DSUs). There are no specific prescribed duties for these positions, and they are dependent on the interests of the elected parties, such as advocacy and events.


Gini Kuo Gini Kuo headshot


1. Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?

In my past two years at SFU and being involved in the SFU community through student clubs, I have gained a lot of valuable experience and fostered many meaningful connections. These involvements have given me many insights into the cooperation that takes place between student clubs and SFSS. I think there is a huge potential in how we can improve the relationship and cooperation between the two to maximize the efficiency and thus the effectiveness of the resources that SFSS offers.

2. What is the biggest issue that your faculty needs addressed?

The biggest issue that many individuals who are currently involved in the Beedie community agree upon is the inefficient communication between SFSS and the student clubs. SFSS offers a great deal of resources yet these resources are often inefficiently utilized, or even wasted, because of the unclear or lack of communication.

3. What kind of relationship do you have with the DSUs in your department, and how do you plan to develop that relationship? OR Why are you a better candidate than who you are running against? Or, if you are running unopposed, why should students give you a vote of confidence?

I have fostered many meaningful connections with the previous as well as the current BASS executives. Before I begin drafting my platform, I reached out to the past and the current BASS president as well as other executives to inquire about what they would like the business faculty representative to advocate for. Furthermore, Beedie is unique in the sense that there are also other major business clubs that represents a significant portion of Business student population. Thus, I have also reached out to other Beedie club executives to hear their opinion. My goal as the business representative is to really listen to the business students and pragmatically represent their concerns.


Braeden Peterson 14919025_10210097861870728_643798095591634921_o


1. Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?

I want to be a part of the SFSS to create an impact at SFU. I want to help fashion a University where all faculties have a shared goal of creating an impact in our World. I want to be the one who leads the first step for a new generation of students that use the resources provided to them at university to engage their community and become thought and change leaders. I also want to be a part of the SFSS as the Business Rep because I have a vision for the direction that Beedie can take, and I feel that it is my responsibility to help take that vision forward. With the 4 first place prize that we just won with Enactus, it is clear that we have the highest caliber of students at Beedie. I have a vision of being recognized globally as the top business school and to do this, it starts with engaging the student body.

2. What is the biggest issue that your faculty needs addressed?

The largest issue present is that our events, courses, and programs are not known and are poorly advertised which leads to low student involvement. We have amazing programs like Tech-e or Change Labs and only a few people know about them. These programs provide students the opportunity to get involved with practical hands projects rather than sitting listening to a lecture. If SFU’s vision is to “Engage the World”, then we must first focus on Engaging the Students, and that comes through clear communication.

3. Why are you a better candidate than who you are running against?

What sets me apart from the other candidate is my ability to understand the problems faced by business students, along with having an understand of the challenges faced by students in other faculties. The Business Rep position does not solely require knowledge of the business faculty, but one of all faculties. With my involvements with the Tech-e program, I have begun working with Mechatronics students, through my involvements with the KINGames team, I’ve gotten to know BPK students, through my involvement as the vice-president of a student club called “Students for Humanity,” I have gotten to know health science students. Because of these experiences I’ve had the chance to gain a deep understanding of the problems faced across faculties. The second thing that sets me apart from other candidate is the knowledge I have gained from my vast external experiences, such as being on the Board of Governors for the Royal Commonwealth Society and as a marketing strategist with The Lifesaving Society. All of these positions have provided me with the different experiences that offer me the breadth of knowledge that is required for a position on The Board of Governors for the SFSS.