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Election Special: Education Representative

Candidate: Jamie Zhu

Faculty representatives maintain relationships with their faculties as well as Departmental Student Unions (DSUs). There are no specific prescribed duties for these positions, and they are dependent on the interests of the elected parties, such as advocacy and events.


Jamie Zhu canva-headshot (jamie)


1. Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?

I really believe in what the SFSS stands for in giving a voice to the concerns of the 26,000 students who are here at SFU. Being a student-led and student-elected organization, I think the SFSS has an amazing platform and student-backed authority on which to improve the undergraduate experience. I know many are frustrated, and sometimes rightfully confused with SFU’s on going’s and decisions, but getting involved, and being willing to openly raise concerns is the first step to work towards a better and brighter SFU.

2. What is the biggest issue that your faculty needs addressed?

I would say that engagement within the education faculty is something we could improve upon! I really think this problem starts when a student enters our faculty. I had a great time during welcome week and my orientation, but it felt like after that, when I wanted to get involved, I wasn’t super sure where to turn. SFU is often referred to as a commuter school, and although I for sure see that in Education, I really do believe that students would be willing to come out and engage if they are provided with opportunities for it. A key piece for me in addressing this issue would be to establish a form of peer-mentorship program within our faculty that allows for incoming education students a chance to connect with those who have been here for a while, with a little more experience at SFU! Mentors would be in charge of helping students find classes, learn about the campus and existing opportunities for engagement as well as serve as a warm welcome into University life. Also, I would really like to continue this year’s education representative’s work in integrate PDP students with the rest of our faculty for events. As many of us in Education would like to eventually enter the PDP program, providing opportunities for those of us in our bachelors to interact and hear from those currently in the program, is something that I found to be beneficial for us all.

3. What kind of relationship do you have with the DSUs in your department, and how do you plan to develop that relationship? or Why are you a better candidate than who you are running against? Or, if you are running unopposed, why should students give you a vote of confidence?

I am currently the Student Outreach Coordinator for the ESA! The Education Student Association helps plan events and get together’s for all those in the Education faculty to use our student dollars to help form connections and build engagement! I plan to stay as a part of the ESA, and becoming elected onto the board of directors would allow me to find bigger and brighter ways for our student association to increase engagement in our faculty.