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Election Special: President

Candidate: Hangue Kim


The president represents the Board and Society, is involved in public relations, participates in formal activities of the Society, and leads large scope operational tasks such as contracts and legal consultations. The president undertakes different projects every term.

This position has the most contact with university admin and departments, and takes care of general issues involving the university, including convening the Board or Forum, being a signing officer, and enforcing collective agreements, employment contracts, and staff relations policies, among other tasks.


Hangue Kimhangue (1)


1. If you only could choose three main areas to focus on during your term, what would they be?

If elected as President, I will focus my efforts on increasing the funding for services for students in financial need. Students need help, and we as the SFSS are going to increase our contribution to bursaries, food bank programs and establish new services that support students. Secondly, I want to enhance the student experience and create more opportunities for students to get involved. As students, we are here to receive an education and to hopefully land a job once we graduate. I want to make the transition easier by creating more opportunities to get involved on campus through events and increase spaces on campus for students to socialize or study in. Finally, I want to focus on making it clear to students that we are going to protect and advocate for their rights when lobbying the government, university, corporations and other external groups and make it clear that students are at the forefront of any decision that we make.

2. What will you do that your predecessor specifically did not do?

I believe that my predecessor did a great job in keeping the organization together internally through the tougher times we had this past year. I am going to build on her accomplishments and positivity and expand our services and outreach to all 3 of our campuses. I want to make sure that every student at SFU knows who the SFSS is and that we are going to be there to support them when they need it.

3. What leadership experience do you have that enables you to take on this position?

I currently serve as the Vice President Finance and previously served as the Business Faculty Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors where we oversaw a $5 million+ budget and represented over 26 000 students. I have also held multiple roles within student organizations, including positions as an executive, leader, mentor, coach and national’s presenter. My experiences have provided me with a firm understanding of the governance structure of the university and the SFSS, which give me the tools needed to build our organization. My leadership style is to empower others from the bottom up. I focus my efforts to make other people leaders by providing them with opportunities and responsibilities to take ownership and have me as a support to help them reach their goals. I will focus on empowering the next generation of Board members with my vision and leadership style.