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Election Special: VP External

Candidate: Prab Bassi


The vice-president external relations is responsible for dealing with individuals and organizations external to the university, such as government officials and other student unions. They also chair the Advocacy Committee, which introduces and maintains advocacy initiatives on behalf of students.


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1. What is your current experience in working with various partners or societies that enables you to take on this position?

Throughout the years, I have worked with various different stakeholders which have allowed me to build a solid foundation for VP External. My most current experience in relation to partnerships is the Constituency Youth Council for Central Surrey. I currently sit on the Youth Council that is chaired by a Member of Parliament and we deal with advocacy issues pertaining to the City of Surrey such as open educational resources and violence. I am also a SFU student senator which allows me to work with the University on many issues regarding the academic governance of SFU. I also sit on the Senate Committee on University Priorities which provides a greater sense of insight of the top SFU priorities. If elected, I look forward to employing my current experience in securing meaningful partnerships with other external groups to enhance the student experience at SFU.

2. What will you do that your predecessor specifically did not do?

I would first like to say that I aspire to work as hard as my predecessor, Christine Dyson has truly set the bar high this past year. Furthermore, I would like to create a mentorship program specific to the External Relations office which allows individuals outside of the Board and committee at-large roles to receive hands-on experience with External Relations work. This program will not only allow students to gain experience in an External Relations environment but it will also prepare them to run for VP External Relations or for similar positions in the future. To say the least, a lot of detailed work goes into putting together a campaign and building strong relationships. Therefore, by creating this mentorship program, I hope to encourage others to get involved and gain valuable skills by working specifically with the SFSS External Relations office.

3. What initiative or project in this position do you value the most and why?

The initiative that I value the most in this position is advocacy. The role of VP External Relations is unique in the sense that the person in this position has the responsibility to listen and relay the voice of over twenty-five thousand students to appropriate parties. It’s an enormous responsibility and in my opinion the most important one as well. The advocacy projects that I am extremely passionate about involve creating consent culture, mental health, and wellbeing as well as the ongoing Tank Farm Safety Plan campaign. All initiatives are important for student welfare and I truly believe SFU should be an all-inclusive environment in which everyone feels safe mentally, emotionally and physically