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Election Special: VP Student Life

Candidate: Alam Khehra


The vice-president student life works primarily with student groups on campus and individual society members. They are the liaison between the SFSS and its clubs, as well as SFU’s Departmental Student Unions (DSUs). The VP student life is also responsible for hosting events on behalf of the SFSS, including the Fall Kickoff concerts.


Alam KhehraAlam


1. Given that SFU is often seen as a “commuter campus,” how do you plan to enrich the student experience at all of SFU’s campuses?


I believe that it starts with the collective efforts of the Board and the Faculty Representatives working together to listen to the needs of each faculty, as well as working closely with council and other student groups to hear student voices. This will allow the board as a whole to decide on events that best fulfil the needs of these students. Furthermore, it would require streamlined communication and collaborations between the Events & Promotion Committee, Surrey Campus Committee and Vancouver Campus Committee to ensure that all these committees are willing to provide support to one another in order to host a diversity of events on all 3 campuses.

2. What will you do that your predecessor specifically did not do?


One thing that I am very passionate about is hosting a greater number of diverse events. The current VP Student Life and Events Committee have done a terrific job in the past few months by establishing events such as the Culture Fest and Art Expo. I want to further work on initiatives such as this, which target all different types of students, rather than only targeting students that are interested in events such as pub nights and the Fall Kick-Off. Moreover, I would like to sit down with the current VP Student life and reflect on questions such as, “What do you wish you did and why?”, and “What do you wish you hadn’t done and why”? Finally, I would like to work with the VP Finance to look into creating a sustainable budget for a Spring 2018 concert.

3. What is your biggest accomplishment in your university career so far, that enables you to represent student life, if elected?


At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, my peers and I formed a SFSS club called the Student Philanthropy Initiative. Through this club, we host various fundraisers to raise money for charitable causes. In November 2016, our club hosted a pub night called Club Paradise at the Highland Pub. All of the money we raised for this pub night was used to make over 100 presents for underprivileged children and distributed during Christmas. This experience allowed me to gain a student groups perspective on the process of hosting an event. If elected, I will serve as a liaison between the SFSS student groups and the board, and having been part of an active student group will better allow me to understand how the VP Student Life and the Board can provide support to student groups.