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Election Special: VP Student Services

Candidate: Jimmy Dhesa


The vice-president student services is the main liaison between students and the SFSS. They are responsible for student services such as the health plan and food and beverage services. The VP student services also negotiates with the university and with external services such as TransLink for services. In the event of resignation or absence, this person will take over the duties and role of the SFSS president.


Jimmy Dhesa Jimmy


1. What is one area in which SFU is lacking in services, and how do you intend to address the issue?

Both SFU and SFSS have important servicing that speak to majority of student needs, but many students continue to be unaware of their existence. I plan to continue the work that has begun in this term to increase our communication efforts to inform all students of the services at the SFSS.

One area that students are struggling with is the long wait times to access health and counselling services. I will advocate on behalf of students to increase the funding for health and counselling service to provide the students with the services they need.

By using quantitative and qualitative data collected in this term I will identify the services that are lacking at the SFSS and SFU. I plan to present the services recommendations based on this data to the Board of Directors to make improvements at the SFSS and to the VP University Relations to present relevant data and recommendations to SFU administration. 

2. The position is currently vacant. What do you feel has been missed by not having someone in the role this past semester?

Despite the position being vacant since November, the previous VP Student Services still maintained the responsibilities of the role and carried out all the major goals set for this year. New branding and communications plans were developed to build strength and awareness with members regarding the SFSS and its services. I had the opportunity to develop and implement evaluation systems for current and proposed services against standardized criteria and the General Membership Survey which was completed by over 3000 students. Much of this term was spent creating the systems to annually evaluate our services. For the next term, I plan to use this data to make positive changes to our services that will improve efficiency and quality.

3. Given the recent sexual violence on campus and the policy that is being established with assistance from the SFSS, what role do you see the SFSS playing in all of this?

The SFSS has the role of voicing student needs and concerns and making sure they are heard. Establishing a platform for students to voice these concerns is needed. In the past term, Advocacy Committee promoted the Sexual Assault Policy Consultations and it is necessary for the SFSS to continue supporting all sexual assault prevention and support initiatives. The SFSS should continue to have consent campaigns throughout the year. Having a consent culture and zero-tolerance for sexual misconduct truly takes all of us and I will work to have a Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support Policy included in all SFSS spaces, by adopting SFU’s policy.