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Hacks to get the most out of your SFU eating experience

Check out the top way to maximize your money at SFU food establishments!

Image Credits: Cora Fu

Ask for “Petter’s Secret Stuff” from Donair Town

SFU president, Andrew Petter, is a big fan of Donair Town — so much so that he orders a chicken platter with “Petter’s secret stuff” squirted on top before every big meeting. It’s been known to increase concentration and engagement. (BTW: it’s not what you think it is.)


Make a Pokémon Joke at the Poké Bar

They’ve never heard one before, and if you say one as you’re ordering, you’ll get 20% off your purchase. Pretty cool, right? Bonus tip: work Magikarp into the joke and you’ll get the order for free!


Order from the goblin underneath Tim Hortons

Have you ever gone to Tim Hortons and thought the lineup to get a BLT was ridiculous? Avoid the line by ordering from Aaron the Goblin, located the floor below. You may have to avoid pits of snakes and some alligators, but it will be worth it when you are able to get your double double promptly.


Sneeze on everything at Guadalupe

Little-known fact: whatever you sneeze on at Guadalupe, they have to put in your burrito for free. Play your cards right, and you could walk out with a free burrito stuffed to the brim with beans and cheese!


Order the smoky burger at Big Smoke

It’s a special item on the hidden menu where they fill the patty with old cigarette butts and joints. Make sure to get there early though, because Jeff, the cook, only has so many smokes he can use!