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“Liability” – Lorde

Sera Akdogan: This song depresses me and might even be too sad for me to like it. Not because I don’t like sad music, but just because I feel too sorry for poor little Lorde to enjoy it. Sad music is only good if it elicits self-loathing, not sympathy for the artist. Remember that, folks.

Dana Foth: It’s a very quiet and slow song about trying to find ways to truly accept yourself. Apparently, Lorde’s sexual orientation has been questioned after this song and it’s been debated whether this is supposed to be interpreted as an outing. Just enjoy the song and stop over-interpreting things, man.

“Waterfall” – Stargate feat. Pink and Sia

SA: Woah. What a dynamic duo. I love Pink and Sia’s voices together. Too bad the song itself is repetitive and annoying.

DF: A collab of Sia and Pink, both artists have really unique timbres; it’s definitely a promising combination. Including a very typical Sia rhythm, the song doesn’t disappoint, given that you like her tune. But to be honest, did the songwriters have a bet over how many times you could incorporate the word “waterfall” in one song?

“Third of May/Odaigahara” – Fleet Foxes

SA: I have a love/hate relationship with Fleet Foxes because all their songs always end up sounding the same. This one is okay, though, despite the fact that it’s over 8 minutes long and I lost my interest after 5 minutes and 45 seconds.

DF: Interesting. Not the kind of music I expected and also something you don’t really hear a lot these days. I kind of get some melancholic, but at the same time positive vibes from this. Strong song, I like it!

“No Frauds” – Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Lil Wayne

SA: I danced to this song while wagging my finger around, because you can tell whomever she’s rapping about is in big trouble. To be honest, Nicki Minaj kind of scares me. I only listened to this one for Drake, who doesn’t even come in until halfway through, by the way. 🙁

DF: Ugh. Thanks, but no thanks. Normally, I don’t really mind Nicki’s music, but that song is definitely not my tune.

“Hoping” – X Ambassadors

SA: This was exactly the song I needed to hear after my third meltdown of the spring semester. Feeling a bit better now. . . thanks, X Ambassadors. Also, wow, the singer sounds like a male Mariah Carey. #ThoseHighNotesThough

DF: A song about hope. . . The choir that supports the singer in the chorus is really increasing the chills you get when listening to this song. We all need a little bit of hope these days and even if it’s only that it won’t snow anymore!

“Wild Love” – Elle King

SA: I feel like Elle King could sing this at a Vegas wedding and it would be a good time.

DF: Maybe Tinder should use this as an advertising song rather than Estée Lauder. This song makes me crave some sun and beach parties. It’s time for summer people!! #SpringFeverHitsMeLike

“3WW” – Alt-J

SA: I knew it was Alt-J before I even saw that it was Alt-J because of that sexy, exotic intro. I love them so much. That is all.

DF: Long awaited, Alt-J finally released some new music! This song starts off quite slowly and doesn’t really change throughout the whole five minutes. I’m not sure what to think about the woman’s voice in the song: it’s something new, but also a bit not what I expected. I’m left confused.

“It’s a Vibe” – 2 Chainz feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, Jhene Aiko

SA: It’s a no from me.

DF: Tuuurn up that autotune! #AllThemBitches please forget about equality and feminism and accept being objectified. It’s 2017, man, can’t you make music that doesn’t depict women like that?

“Total Entertainment Forever” – Father John Misty

SA: Unpopular opinion: I don’t like Father John Misty.

DF: I love the mix of instruments that are being used here and in his other songs! If that’s what total entertainment forever sounds like, I approve. Please, continue.

“As Long” – Geoffroy feat. Fjord

SA: This song speaks to me. It’s lovely and sweet like Bon Iver, but with a catchy, electronic beat. I’ll definitely listen to it a few more times today.

DF: Love, love, love the artwork. The artist from Montreal just released an album and if every song is as great as this one, I might actually consider buying it. Turn up the subwoofer and let yourself get carried away into the waving space he creates with this catchy song.

“Dreamer” – Charli XCX feat. Starrah, Raye

SA: I think I only ever liked that one song by Charli XCX called “Boom Clap.” With that being said, this song just doesn’t cut it for me.

DF: The bass is strong with this one. Just released today, this song will probably skyrocket in no time.

“Drowning” – A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat. Kodak Black

SA: Not sure why the depressing piano in the background was necessary? Sounds like he’s drowning in cash, not water. But hey, if he needs some help out of that excess money situation, I’d be happy to provide some assistance.

DF: Don’t let the piano in the beginning fool you, this song is gonna drown you in bass in no time. Maybe that’s how they thought of the song name? Only god knows. Or the songwriters. It’s okay, no nay, but also no yay.