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New Music Friday

Image Credits: Linda Shu

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“Firebird” – Milky Chance

Neil MacAlister: Kinda forgot these guys existed. Milky Chance has always had an interesting approach to their instrumentation, and this is already better than most of the songs on Sadnecessary.

Dana Foth: In this song, the artists from Germany stay true to their style, which I very much appreciate! I just love the chill vibes and I’ve been saying to everyone lately that the sun needs to come up. This song made it shine for me.

“So Tied Up” – Cold War Kids feat. Bishop Briggs

NM: Cold War Kids sounds so boring. How many times can you rehash the same stadium pop conventions and call it a new single? This wouldn’t have sounded fresh in 2012.

DF: Hm, not really sure what to think of it. If they’d add a faster beat to it, I could imagine liking it more than I do now. The singers are fucking amazing though.

“At My Best” – Machine Gun Kelly feat. Hailee Steinfeld

NM: There’s no reason for Machine Gun Kelly to be popular, his faux-inspirational everyman pop-rap is so vacuous, but somehow he has this massive cult following. I don’t get it. Props for getting the girl from True Grit on the chorus though.

DF: Reminds me a bit of early Rihanna. It doesn’t really unleash any overwhelming emotion within me. It’s okay, a radio tune, but not more than that.

“Symphony” – Clean Bandit feat Zara Larsson

NM: There’s always been a bit of a chiptune influence on Clean Bandit’s production, which is kinda neat. But this is honestly the exact same song as “Rather Be.” I understand sticking with a formula, but c’mon, let’s have a little variation.

DF: Just couldn’t sit still anymore when I put this on. This song makes me wanna wiggle in my room all night with my friends. It inevitably makes you happy. Trust me.

“Parking Lot” – blink-182

NM: While Tom DeLonge is chasing aliens, the rest of blink-182 is out here flipping Janis Joplin classics into mediocre angst anthems. I didn’t hate Matt Skiba, their new vocalist, on their last album, but he really just doesn’t fit the blink sound on this track.

DF: Fuck yeah, blink-182. It’s been way too long and I have to admit: I missed you guys! I mean they’re singing about a parking lot and still make it sound super cool. I guess that says all. It reminds me of some great parking lot parties when I was younger actually. . .

“Superpowers” – SAARA

NM: I’ve never heard of SAARA before, but she has an interesting voice. Major Tove Lo vibes. This started off kinda cool, but quickly devolved into incredibly generic EDM/pop, I’m probably never going to revisit this.

DF: Not really my tune, but I can imagine a lot of people would enjoy it. To me, these kinds of songs just sound so generic and replaceable that I start to wonder whether they’re all produced by the exact same person, and they just change names to fool everyone else.

“What’s Good” – Fenne Lily

NM: Oooohh, this is haunting. She’s got a hell of a voice, and the subtle acoustic accompaniment is lovely. This is honestly just a beautiful song.

DF: The songs I look most forward to when I get the list for New Music Friday are the great acoustic songs that you would never get a suggestion for on YouTube. This song is one of them. The guitar just supplements her gentle and fragile voice so well, it’s almost unreal to me. So beautiful, I can’t even describe it with words.

“Do it Like Me (Icy Feet)” – TCTS feat. Sage the Gemini and Kelis

NM: This beat is bonkers. I’m glad Sage is trying to rap now, instead of just repeating “gas pedal” over and over. Never thought I’d see him on a song with the woman who did “Milkshake,” but here we are. Kelis comes through strong. There’s very little substance, but it’s still lit.

DF: In my opinion, his song has club potential. Its beat catches you right from the start and makes you wanna dance even though you might be in a super inappropriate place. Like in a library. Or lecture. And no, you must’ve heard wrong, it wasn’t me that started a dance party in the library in Surrey.

“Summer Seventeen” – Rick Ross feat. Yo Gotti

NM: I listened to Ross’ new album yesterday, and it’s his best in years. This is a pure trap banger, Ross at his most braggadocious, and Yo Gotti manages to not ruin a song for once. Turn the bass up and bump this in your Maybach.

DF: I’m sorry, I’m just really not a fan of hip hop and rap. At least not the new stuff that’s released. Really dig old Eminem, Dre, and Snoop (it’s the motherfucking D O double G G). But this doesn’t excite one cell in my body #sorrynotsorry

“Feels Like Summer” – Weezer

NM: Weezer is so weird now. Their last album was really good, but I don’t know how I feel about this. There’s a whole lot going on at once here, and it’s a little overwhelming.

DF: This is more my thing, and yes it feels like summer when you give this tune a listen! I want to buy a crate of beer, pick up my friends with the windows down and drive to a park to have a barbeque while listening to this song on the way there. This describes quite accurately how this makes me feel. Saved it to my personal song list for 2017.

“Better on Me”– Pitbull feat. Ty Dolla $ign

NM: This song is fun as hell. I’m glad that Pitbull is doing well, he’s a staple of the mid-2000s pop-rap scene and can keep putting out generic hip hop as long as he wants to. And shoutout to Ty $ for having a hook on every album ever, he deserves it. Dale.

DF: Mr. Worldwide hits us again. Why he does this to humanity, noooobody knows. The well-known “ooooeeeeiiii” that’s basically in every single song with Pitbull obviously can’t be missed in this great piece of art (irony off). Unfortunately, I have to admit this song is also kind of catchy. Don’t tell my friends I said that.

“Glitterbomb” – Incubus  

NM: I can’t believe I’m hearing new Incubus in 2017. I feel like I’m 14 years old again listening to Morning View somehow they still sound the exact same. This is less terrible than I expected. . . Incubus fans will probably enjoy this.

DF: Last year around February, I had this crazy Incubus phase where I would listen to all their songs on repeat for like three months. I am really happy now that I can add the new songs they released. Brandon Boyd is not only the hottest guy on this planet, he is also such a great singer. They stay true to their style, although it’s been ages since they last released new work. Obviously, I’m a bit biased here, but just listen to the song; you won’t regret it.