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We take DOWN the SFSS candidate posters — figuratively and not literally



Max: This guy clearly stole that dog. Look how scared it looks.

Nick: This dog is more qualified than 99% of the candidates running.

Courtney: Would 100% vote for the doggo.

Matthew: I heard that this isn’t even his dog. PHONY.

Elena: DON’T 👏 POST 👏 A 👏 DOG 👏 PHOTO👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 DON’T 👏 HAVE👏 A 👏 DOG

Linda: Is that .. supreme or colgate in the background

Janis: It’s a bad idea to choose a photo where your friend is hotter than you.



Max: Don’t fret, comrade, the revolution is here! Glorious comrade Sina is here to free us from the shackles of class struggle and conquer the bourgeois board. Ура для нас!

Matthew: I have no idea what’s design and what’s body copy.

Elena: 🤔🤔🤔

Janis: This is impossible to read. It’s good that there’s nothing important on this poster.


Max: Don’t ask Braeden why a flower is growing out of his left ear. It’s a touchy subject.

Courtney: Why is he MC-ing a wedding in Hawaii and how is that relevant to business rep? Will he be such a great rep that all the business students can afford to go get married in Hawaii?

Matthew: This dude means serious business: the flowers say it all.

Elena: 🙄

Janis: This is the worst Forever 21 ad I’ve ever seen — and that’s saying a lot.


Max: Honestly it looks like he’s in an old folks’ home remembering with fondness his SFSS presidency, the highlight of his life

Ashley: Hangue Kim, are you looking at all your opponents?

Janis: “If I make it look like I’m thinking, they’re sure to believe that I can actually think!”


Max: You know what? Kudos to Natalia for reaching out to SFU’s raccoon population. You don’t see any other candidates campaigning for that voter base.

Nick: The double photoshop — the glove and the raccoon. Very impressive. Also, I don’t know if raccoons are the perfect animal to demonstrate “clean”

Matthew: Your decision to do budget cuts on student mental health resources is just like your photoshop job: it fucking sucks.

Matthew: Does your raccoon eat from your trash campaign too?

Janis: Oh my
god this is so fake — she doesn’t even have an elbow in that photo!


Max: Ekjot seems convinced that “doing things” is something the last board didn’t do, and he’s not totally wrong. Still, gotta dock him some points for including his quotation mark before the period. Crack a style guide, man!

Nick: “Doing things” is a bold strategy. Let’s see if it pays off.

Matthew: Is this a homage to Kylie Jenner’s “Realizing Things?”

Janis: Worst album cover and album name, 0/10


Max: You can’t even make fun of this guy, he’s too cute. I bet his cheeks are so red from being pinched constantly by everyone around him.

Courtney: I thought. . . I thought the Highland couldn’t be saved and we’d all accepted it.

Matthew: Where’s the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Lion?

Janis: It’s cute and thematic that you made yourself into a coaster, since your campaign is beer-soaked garbage.