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SFU presents fourth annual Fashion Week

This year is bigger than ever with the expansion of University Fashion Week

The team behind SFUxFW (left to right): Caitlin Van der Have (VP of HR & Talent), Kabir Bajwa (VP of Digital Communication), Yzobel Biron (Creative Director), Nashmin Namur (VP of Marketing), Hafiz Akinlusi (VP of Sales & Booth).
Image Credits: Yzobel Biron

SFU’s Fashion Week is back for its fourth season this year, and it comes even bigger than previous seasons. This year, SFU Fashion Week will be taking place from March 29–31 at all three campuses.

The Peak sat down with SFU Fashion Week’s creative director, Yzobel Biron, to talk about what can be expected at this year’s event. “It’s big this year,” Biron said. This will be the first year that SFU Fashion Week will be expanding under the umbrella of University Fashion Week. Through this SFU endeavour, UBC, University of Toronto and Ryerson have both confirmed to host their own University Fashion Weeks in 2018.

The focuses of this year’s Fashion Week are strength and diversity. “In light of the recent events that have been happening in the world, we really want to focus on not just cultural diversity, but also the fact that anyone and everyone can be involved,” Biron said when explaining the theme.

Biron discussed how the fashion industry can be exclusive due to various requirements in terms of size and physique. The goal of this year’s event is to promote inclusivity and provide a platform for students to get involved in the fashion industry, and equip budding fashion designers with skills and contacts.

The first day will be spent at the Surrey campus, and is meant for students and visitors to network with fashion industry professionals. Day two will be a social advocacy day hosted at Burnaby campus, where there will be an emphasis on community engagement. The entire event culminates in a fashion show that will be taking place in Surrey, with the location to be confirmed.

This year’s lineup focuses on diverse Canadian brands, including: Korrvpt Apparel, whose founders, Abraham and Antony, are originally from France, but are influenced by North American culture; AfricStyle, which is based out of Edmonton and promotes African print in their fashion on a global scale; and Afrodite, which was founded by an interracial couple whose fashion embraces both their African and European roots. Their fashion is described as a “fusion of traditional West African prints with semi-casual streetwear and accessories.”

Aside from the fashion, Vancouver rappers Dkay and King H will be performing at Fashion Week, and Ian Kaart will be painting live during the event also. Be sure to check out the SFU Fashion Week Facebook page for information about the location of the fashion show, fashion brands and performers, and how to get involved!