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Time-saving, life-saving hacks for us SFU slackers

School might seem dreary now, but it’s got plenty of high points if you look for them

Image Credits: Alisha Lee

Taking classes at SFU means facing many struggles, such as moving from class to class in a 10-minute span, finding the most apt meal to satiate yourself, and for my fellow Burnaby students, catching the 145 or the 95 without having to wait in line.

University kids, you can’t disagree, are always trying to cash some cheques and make some time. At SFU, we tend to complain a lot about not having a ‘nice enough’ campus. Sure, we’re certainly lacking in some areas, but we’ve also got some great untapped perks. Here are eight things you should be doing to maximize your experience as a student here!


  • No need to buy textbooks – new or used!


All SFU libraries have most books on reserve. I spent approximately $300 my first semester on books, but never again. Use your ID card to borrow a book for a limited time. If you need it for more time, plan and scan weekly readings using the scanners in the library.


  • (seriously, Lynda’s going to replace your mother)


SFU harbours an ocean of handy A-grade student necessities and we just don’t use them! A LinkedIn-associated online website, you can get a certificate in web designing, photography, software development, and other business-oriented online courses for absolutely nothing as an SFU student. You’re welcome!


  • You’re paying for your Microsoft Office?


If your Microsoft Office expired, or your computer crashed because it’s 90 years old and you lost your installation, you can download Microsoft Office 365 until you graduate.


  • Food bank vouchers and Food Rescue Programs


Negative digits in your chequing accounts happen to the best of us, and in such cases, food is literally out of reach. For such times, visit Blusson Hall on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. to get rescued food produce by donation, hosted by Embark. In the darkest of ages, use the SFSS’s Emergency Food Bank Certificate Program to receive $25 worth of grocery vouchers (only for emergencies!).


  • For your grind in the nights


I’m not talking about the study grind, I’m talking about your club night grinding. SFU Women’s Centre provides the good stuff for the ultimate ladies’ care package. Pick and choose from sex supplies, tampons, pads, and pregnancy tests. Yes, girl, I’ve got you.


  • You need wings to fly


If you finish class at Burnaby at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and hear your stomach grumble, head to the Highland Pub for some five-dollar wings. Don’t want wings? Head down to Club Ilia at Cornerstone for their $3 happy hours every day of the week for food and drinks!


  • Speaking about flying. . .


Do you see fliers on campus that host advertisements? I recently earned $25 for an experiment that lasted an hour. Many SFU departments conduct research experiments that you could attend in between your classes. If this isn’t free money, what is?


  • Higher AQ floors


We can never find a place to study in Bennett Library. But don’t go there; the AQ is bigger! The fifth and sixth floors of the AQ have seating areas where you can study. Also, did I mention about the view from that altitude? This advice holds true for other campuses as well; look for those hidden study spot gems!

We tend to forget all the beauty around us while we are trying to catch up with the ‘uni life.’ But, let’s not forget that the biggest hack to life is to make the most of what you have. I’m tired of listening to every student complain about the concrete structure when there are mountains and sunsets within sight, and plenty of amenities and resources across campus. Hack that, my friends!