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Burnt-out student hands out letter of resignation to friends, family, and professors

Local student just has nothing left to give

Image Credits: Justine Crawford

A student at SFU recently surprised their peers, professors, and loved ones with a letter of resignation from life. The student was seen handing out individualized resignation letters to friends and instructors across Burnaby campus with a composed, resigned smile.

“I have never been a quitter,” the student said, who wished to remain anonymous. “To simply drop everything and walk away is opposed to every instinct in my body.” They then stated that despite those feelings, it was important for them to put their personal interests and well-being first.

“With the state of everything going on, I just thought, y’know, why not?” The student cited an engulfing sense of apathy after bouts of stress. When asked about the source of the stress, the student asked the reporter if they had ever taken a full course load while trying to maintain some form of social and financial balance.

The Peak was provided with a copy of one of the student’s letters:

Dear Mom,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a contributing member of society, effective two weeks from this date.

This was not an easy decision to make. My tenure as your child has been very rewarding. I have appreciated the opportunities for personal development that you have provided me throughout my lifetime. I have enjoyed working for the family unit and have appreciated the support provided to me.

Thank you very much for all the growth opportunities you have provided me. I wish you and Dad all the best. If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know, but not after I’m gone.


[Student’s Name]

The student’s parents could not be reached for comment, although one of the student’s professors shared with The Peak that their class final still falls within their two weeks’ notice, meaning they are still expected to attend their exam. “I think I’ve seen it all now. Good try, though.”

What’s next for the student? “After my two weeks are up, I dunno. I may try travelling into the wilderness to find myself, and meditate until what remains of my soul leaves its’ mortal coil. Maybe I’ll rediscover myself as a dog? Or a sloth — that’d be a nice change.”

We at The Peak wish this student all the best in their future non-endeavours.