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Board Shorts

Notes from the latest SFSS Board of Directors meeting

Image Credits: The Peak

Members form new committees

The SFSS Board of Directors appointed its members to the committees that conduct the society’s business at the first meeting since the new board stepped into their roles this month. The board decided not to proceed with the Strategic Planning committee, nor the Teaching and Learning Centre Advisory committee this year, leaving 13 committees to establish policies and initiatives for the society. The SFSS has now opened nominations for at-large members to sit on the committees.

Board renews accessibility initiative

The board made the decision to include an Accessibility committee again this year that will seat four board members, including vice-president finance Jimmy Dhesa as chair. According to the SFSS website, the committee monitors the Student Society Accessibility Fund and oversee how accessibility issues are addressed by the society.

Student union building construction slowed last month

April was a slow month for the construction of the student union building (SUB), general manager of Build SFU Marc Fontaine told the board. Since the expenses totaled only $441,006, it did not meet the million-dollar threshold necessary to borrow funds through the society’s $44.3 million loan agreement with Scotiabank. Instead, the board approved a motion to borrow the funds internally from an SFSS bank account to be paid back in the coming months. So far, the SFSS has taken out $2.3 million in loans to cover the cost of construction of the SUB.