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New Music Friday

Image Credits: Linda Shu

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“Try Again – Jim Eno Sessions– Rag’n’Bone Man


Edna Batengas: It’s a rather unique and interesting sample of the late Aaliyah’s song. Good attempt, but let’s just say that Aaliyah did it better.


Neil MacAlister: I’ve never really understood all the hype surrounding Rag‘n’Bone Man, but I can respect anyone who pulls off a half-decent Aaliyah cover.


“No Strings” – Kid Ink, Starrah


EB: Right from the beginning the beat was catchy and upbeat. It’s mellow enough to listen to during a chill session, but catchy enough to jam to. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love Kid Ink’s voice?


NM: There was a time where Kid Ink felt like the next big thing, but he’s been making standard radio hits for years now. Starrah is as excellent as ever, though.


Bout You – VÉRITÉ


EB: Sounds like something I’ve heard a million times before. A bit too mellow, kind of makes me want to drift off to sleep.


NM: This song has a really strong atmosphere to it, and the gradual build-up pays off perfectly. VÉRITÉ is certainly a name to keep an eye on (and if you like this, check out her cover of Childish Gambino’s “Sober”).


“Mos Definitely” – Logic


EB: “Black people: to just fight, fight for ya right fight, for ya life / Black people: just fight, fight for ya life! / Black people: are beautiful, incredible, amazing.” Logic just said it all. Enough said.


NM: I wasn’t really feeling Logic’s last two projects, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the singles from his new album. I’m digging all the classic rap references (Geto Boys, the Roots, Mos Def, etc.); this is one of the coolest tracks I’ve heard from Logic in a while.


“Sweet Creature” – Harry Styles


EB: It’s a cute love song, but NO, “Sweet Creature” sounds like a back-handed compliment. No, Harry, I will not be bringing you home.


NM: Is this not the exact same guitar riff as “Blackbird?” First, he makes a David Bowie song and names it after a Prince album, and now he’s remaking Beatles songs? It’s not a bad track, all in all, but he’s too good a singer to be resorting to mimicry.


“Chicken Soup” – Skrillex, Habstrakt


EB: The beginning is really annoying and screechy. Although it does get better, no one really likes chicken soup that much.


NM: How is it that Skrillex became such a great rap/pop producer, but is still such a boring EDM artist? Also, everything about the pitched-down vocals and chicken soup references just feels like a terrible Spark Master Tape ripoff. Not really feeling this.


“Hyperreal” – Flume, Kučka


EB: Yup, this song is definitely going to be played on repeat at like every Forever 21 store. Still, I love you, Flume.


NM: Flume and Kučka are such a perfect pair. This is certainly one of their more interesting collaborations; there’s a wooziness to the sound that feels like being off your mind at a nightclub. This has a really unique vibe, I’m digging it.


“Find the Will” – Emre Kula


EB: Loving the guitar in this one. It’s progressive rock with very smooth vocals.


NM: Oh, this is neat. This is just a solid rock song, it checks all the boxes: great riffs, catchy chorus, dope guitar solo. Rock’s not dead, it just moved to Turkey, apparently.


“Sharp Knives” – Tayrell, Pele, Grace Pitts


EB: I don’t know, but I got some Frank Ocean vibes from this one.


NM: This is cool, kind of low-key electronica. I’m digging Grace Pitts’ vocals.


“Bring It Back” – Lil Yachty


EB: TBH, I was slightly disappointed. I expected much more from Lil Yatchy. He probably needed a featuring artist because the song is repetitive and feels like it’s missing something.


NM: Oh my God, this is amazing. Emotional, love-sick Yachty over an ‘80s instrumental. That drum fill, that synth lead. I’m going to be listening to this all day. The saxophone solo just hit and I’m absolutely elevated. This belongs in a high school prom in 1984.


“W.O.M.A.N” – Norah Benatia


EB: The beginning has ‘80s vibes, DISCO! The lyrics are empowering. Ladies, this just might be our summer anthem.


NM: Speaking of the ‘80s, that intro was pure disco. This song is so much fun, just try to sit still while listening to it. This is like an updated version of Shania Twain’s “She’s Not Just A Pretty Face.” Bring on more feminist disco hits in 2017.


“Hunter” – Galantis


EB: I actually really like this one. It’s a fun song with EDM beats. I can see myself jamming to it in the car this summer
NM: Really digging the vocalist in this. Galantis has always put a neat spin on conventional dance-floor EDM, this is a fun track.