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Mescaform Hill POV for The Peak
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Live Sessions: The April Fools Childrenhood

Featured in our cover story this week , David Cowling of The April Fools Childrenhood performs an acoustic rendition of ‘Never Alone’ from his EP ‘Low Colour’ . For more of his work, visit: https://theaprilfoolschildrenhood.bandcamp.com/album/low-colour

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Student Spotlight: Joseph Ssendikaddiwa

For the first student spotlight of 2017, we highlight Joseph Ssendikaddiwa, an SFU student focused on reinstating education and empowering young people through Eduset, a nonprofit organization he founded. For more information about the project, visit eduset.net Created by Adam Madojemu and Alex Bloom


SPOOF: McFogg the Dog: Mascot of the Year

McFogg the Dog, mascot of the divided students of SFU. We take a look at his impact within the SFU community. Featuring: Ashley Fraser,Max Hill, Andrew Latimer, Edna Batengas, Tamara Connor, Alex Bloom. Created by Adam Madojemu and Alex Bloom


The Peak Is Hiring

Don’t give away your shot. The Peak is hiring for the spring semester. Send in your resume and cover letter by November 18 . Details in the link below http://www.the-peak.ca/2016/11/the-pe… Created by Adam Madojemu and Alex Bloom Special Thanks to Sidney Adache, and Edna Batengas

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