What does hockey mean to Canadians?

I should start by saying that I am not Canadian. I arrived in Canada in 2012 with a mind full of stereotypes: Canadians are all friendly, it’s going to be cold as hell, and everyone is going to play hockey. Having first landed in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a small Maritimes city, my experience was that […]

World News Beats

FRANCE – French candidate charged François Fillon, candidate for the French presidency has been charged with embezzlement. The charge arrives after weeks of allegations of him paying his wife and children thousands of taxpayer’s euros for fake jobs. Fillon hasn’t stepped down in the presidential race, even after polls show his dramatic descent from front-runner to […]

World News Beats

USA – The CIA can’t keep their secrets Documents released on Tuesday by Wikileaks describe the extent to which the the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has hacked TVs, smartphones, computers and internet routers. According to BBC News, experts have raised questions of the CIA’s legitimacy, including questioning their own security and transparency as an agency […]

World News Beat

Chile – Chile without water Santiago, capital of Chile, was deprived of water for four days after mudslides contaminated the Maipo River, the city’s main source of water. Five million people were left without water, as it was polluted with rubber and mud, whilst businesses and schools were closed across the city. Three people were […]

Don’t use age as an excuse to dismiss me

Last week, I was sitting in a French class outside of school. I was by far the youngest in the seven-person group: I stood out from the Yaletown yuppies and the third-agers. We were discussing something about having a better world whilst trying to improve our French-speaking skills. Everyone was being very negative (a common […]