NDP Leadership Race Gets Underway

As the federal Conservative leadership race grows increasingly contentious with name-calling and allegations of cheating, the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership contest has begun in somewhat more affable terms. On March 12, the NDP held their first debate, a bilingual affair, in the nation’s capital. Four competitors were present: Charlie Angus, Nikki Ashton, Guy […]

Trump Tower Officially Opens in Vancouver, welcomed by protesters

It was a brisk February day and the sound of Indigenous prayer songs echoed down the street. A crowd of demonstrators, onlookers, and police was huddled around a striking, new skyscraper while security guards barricaded its entrance. Earlier that day, representatives from the Holborn Group and the Trump Organization, including Eric, Tiffany, and Donald Trump […]

Protest organized for Trump Tower opening in Vancouver

With Trump comes controversy. The same can now be said for the opulent buildings which bear his name. Following a fairly rocky development stage, the official opening of Vancouver’s Trump International Hotel and Tower is now upon us. As expected, a large anti-Trump demonstration is slated to welcome the president’s sons who are now heads […]

World News Beats

Israel – Trump makes comments on Israeli-Palestinian conflict President Trump broke with long-standing United States (US) policy after saying he was open to either a one-state or a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump’s disclosure represented a significant deviation from previous American policy which officially supported the creation of a Palestinian state. “I’m looking […]

World News Beat

Canada/USA Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump met face-to-face for the first time when Trudeau visited the White House this Monday. While it is often customary for the incoming US president’s first state visit to be with the Canadian PM, Trudeau will be the third world leader to meet with President Trump. […]

Trump’s historic pick for Education Secretary

Despite a fight from Senate Democrats, Betsy DeVos, a wealthy Republican party donor and school-reform advocate, was confirmed as education secretary this week following a confirmation process fraught with controversy. Ms. DeVos, a previous chair of the Michigan Republican party, was barely approved after vice-president Mike Pence broke the Senate’s 50-50 tie in an historic […]

Liberal party withdraws commitment to electoral reform

This past week Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government formally reneged on their campaign promise to reform the federal electoral system. Following a recent cabinet shuffle, which saw Karina Gould assume the post of minister of democratic institutions, the Liberal government publicly released a mandate letter addressed to Ms. Gould stating that “changing the electoral system will […]