Gender disparities in engineering and computing science at SFU and its effects on female students

The contrast in male and female representation in some SFU programs is starker than many students might have thought. For Melissa Mah, a fifth-year student in electronics engineering and co-president of SFU’s Women in Engineering, the disproportionate gender distribution in her program is most visually apparent in the classroom. “To this day, I’m still shocked […]

Meteorology, forecasting and autumn weather season concept - yel

The Canada 150 and colonial legacies: views from the university

As Canada prepares to celebrate its sesquicentennial year, it seems that the fervor of national pride has also reached the university. Simon Fraser University has put forth a number of specially curated courses and invited the community to experience Canada 150 from its campuses. We are often told that Canada has much to celebrate. A […]

Rhiannon Wallace, SFU student

SFU students break down ‘invisible walls’ to climate action

Although many people are aware of climate change issues, some may feel that they are unable to take action to change the situation. These often invisible barriers are what inspired a group of interdisciplinary SFU students to take on this event.   The Invisible Wall team collected stories about students’ struggles with action in the […]


Living abroad, studying abroad, thinking broadly

“Setting foot on campus is like entering into a different world,” were the words my roommate translated from Arabic over coffee. And in the midst of my first semester abroad, those words could not have rung more true. From the moment I arrived in Morocco, I felt my experience was atypical. After all, I am […]

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The double life lived by student sex workers

As Ava* embarks on the first semester of her master’s program, she is relieved that the admissions committee at her graduate school didn’t find out about one of her part-time jobs. The University of Calgary environmental sciences student dabbled in a variety of work during her undergraduate studies, but by far her most lucrative gig […]

The entrance to the AFS is marked by a carving by elder Henry Robertson of the Haisla Nation. - Photo by Cecile Favron

SFU researchers speak out in favour of Aboriginal schools

A recent report released by SFU researchers has found that 57 percent of parents with children enrolled in BC’s only Aboriginal Focus School (AFS) would enroll another child in the program. The findings came after the school, located at Sir William MacDonald Elementary in Vancouver, faced controversy and was nearly closed by the Vancouver School […]

The initiative is affiliated with the Office for Aboriginal Peoples, pictured above

New incentive to recruit Aboriginal professors sees first hire

The first indigenous professor to be recruited under SFU’s Aboriginal Faculty Recruitment Plan was hired in the Department of Education last month. The plan, unrolled by the VP Academic office two years ago, will fund the creation of up to two new Aboriginal faculty positions each year. When a position is filled, the office then […]

In 2015 Canada is estimated to have processed 10,700 refugees for resettlement. - Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press

Syrian refugees to boost BC economy, SFU students conclude

Two SFU doctoral students have published a study that estimates that BC-bound Syrian refugees expected to arrive in the province before the end of February will generate approximately $563 million in local economic activity over the next 20 years. Economics PhD candidates Eric Adebayo and Ricardo Meilman Cohn analysed Canadian and United Nations data as […]

EV - Jasmeen Virk

Our portrayals of indigenous struggle are far too narrow

In response to the challenges ahead, our new prime minister Justin Trudeau has promised to meet with indigenous leaders before year’s end and hold an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Although these are important steps in government-indigenous relations, they’re not aimed at remedying a pervasive culture of tokenism and narrow representation that saturates […]

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