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Admit it, your degree is worthless

With another school year officially underway, I’m again trying to summarize and explain my purpose at university to new friends and acquaintances. But if you are offended by the blank looks, unrelated tangents, or comments questioning your ambition that ensue every time you mention your degree, it might be time for a reality check. It […]

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BC music festivals for every type of music lover

Raise your heart rate and take a deep breath of fresh air: It’s almost time to stock up on enough summer fun to get you through next winter. Every summer, BC attracts some of the biggest performers worldwide to its music festivals. Here is a rundown on some of the best festivals at whatever distance […]

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A Peak Back in Time: The 1989 Christygate Scandal

With newly-elected SFSS president Enoch Weng preparing for his first term, he undoubtedly is feeling a combination of excitement and nerves. Whatever happens though, it will take a lot to have a more turbulent start than Christy Clark had. It was 26 years ago this week that our current premier won the title of SFSS […]

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Blasted is overtly shocking theatre

Provocative and dramatic, British playwright Sarah Kane’s Blasted was met with hostility and outrage upon its 1995 debut. The play was originally condemned for its use of absurd brutality (in one scene, for example, one of the characters sucks out another’s eyes). But it quickly became a historic piece of theatre. In commemoration of its […]

The initiative held three focus groups last week to gauge student concerns. - Cecile Favron

Students share ideas for a better SFU

SFU’s Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) held a series of focus groups last week asking students what would improve their experience at SFU. The TFFE created these focus groups to gather data for their research on how SFU can best meet the changing needs of university students. Students did not hold back their criticisms […]

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Dancers of Damelahamid presented the eighth year of the Coastal First Nations Dance Festival

The performers at this year’s Coastal First Nations Dance Festival have embarked on a lifelong journey to revitalize their culture. The festival, held at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology between March 3–8, showcased First Nations performers from across North America. The groups themselves transcended boundaries, with artists from many backgrounds collaborating in an active and fluid […]

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The History of Women at SFU

In the summer of 1968, a group of women with children approached the SFU administration and asked for a room to set up a daycare. The administration swiftly denied their request. The women set one up anyway. This was just one instance in a movement for women’s rights that swept SFU in the 1960s. The […]

Premarital counselling may not be a useful tool for couples. - Anosha Ashfaq

Ignorance in marriage is bliss, study suggests

When it comes to marriage, ignorance may indeed be bliss, according to Rebecca Cobb, associate professor in SFU’s Department of Psychology. In her study of 201 couples from Metro Vancouver, Cobb found that couples who participated in relationship-education programs (or premarital counselling) experienced a significant decrease in their marital satisfaction. Couples who did not participate […]

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Satellite Signals

Woodward’s To raise awareness of First Nations culture and history, “Validating 500 Years of First Nation History” came to the Talking Stick Festival held at SFU’s Goldcorp Center for the Arts on February 22. The unique, experimental-learning theatre piece was created by Métis artist Suzanne Keeptwo. This unconventional production required each audience member, or “participant,” […]

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