New Music Friday

Follow The Peak on Spotify to stay up to date on New Music Friday. “Sorry for Now” – Linkin Park Sera Akdogan: Wow . . . is this really Linkin Park? This is pretty soft for the LP I used to know and love as an angsty teenager. Their new song sounds like sticky-sweet pop mixed with […]

AHFOMAD is a festival with something for everyone to enjoy

The African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance, also known as AHFOMAD, is a festival featuring traditional, as well as contemporary, arts, music, and dance from cultures across the continent. Their vision is to create a sustainable platform for African-Canadian artists to exhibit their creations and grow in a progressive and productive multicultural environment. AHFOMAD […]

New Music Friday

Follow The Peak on Spotify to stay up to date on New Music Friday. “Malibu” – Miley Cyrus Sera Akdogan: Wow, she has come a long way since her foam finger degradation days. I really like this song and the new, new Miley. Neil MacAlister: Miley gave up ripping off black music for this? Generic, sad pop […]

New Music Friday

Follow The Peak on Spotify to stay up to date on New Music Friday “Try Again – Jim Eno Sessions” – Rag’n’Bone Man   Edna Batengas: It’s a rather unique and interesting sample of the late Aaliyah’s song. Good attempt, but let’s just say that Aaliyah did it better.   Neil MacAlister: I’ve never really understood all […]

Let’s stop the angry black woman narrative

Ever since I first got published at The Peak, I’ve received constant encouragement and feedback for what I write. Yet I always seem to hear the same things from people who read my pieces: “Gosh, you’re full of anger,” “You’ve got an attitude,” or “Wow, so sassy, girl!” I’m neither angry nor sassy, nor do […]

Don’t tell me that I’m “so white”

I’m fed up with being told that I’m “whitewashed.” It’s a derogatory term implying that I don’t meet the stereotypical “standards” of my race. Growing up, I felt that I was never “black enough” — but obviously, I was never “white enough,” either. How can you tell me that I’m not acting like my own […]

Don’t give credit to Blue Lives Matter

Let’s not allow the media to claim that this is a ‘race war.’ Referring to it as a war tells us that we should take sides and be divided; that at the end of the day, one side must win. Black people are not systematically aiming to kill white people. There is no ‘black side’ […]

Stop catcalling me!

Catcalling is not okay. By that, I mean whistling and shouting unnecessary sexualized comments at people. It also illustrates serious problems in the way people interact with one another, and it’s time to clarify some things. Catcalling is harassment, and for many women it happens regularly. That leads people, particularly men, to think that we […]

Why I’m not “pretty for a black girl”

No, this isn’t an article for me to vent all my outrage and disappointment at the way black women are depicted by our society — although that would be one heck of an article (maybe I’ll save it for next time). I’d simply like to raise awareness of a certain topic that takes up only […]

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