Embark shares future plans after successful referendum

In the fall 2016 semester, SFU students voted in a referendum to increase the levy that SFU provides to the Embark Sustainability Society. This resulted in a small increase in the tuition paid by students, but has given the organization the opportunity to expand its projects. Three months after the vote, Embark’s vision has come […]

Canada doesn’t need nickels anymore

After the eradication of the penny began in 2012, Canadians naturally speculated about the potential removal of the nickel. Some organizations, such as the credit union Desjardins, argue that the nickel should be eradicated in the next five years. The change would logically entail the adaptation of other coins, such as the quarter, to stop […]

Don’t feed the killer clowns with your attention

There’s no shortage of historical examples of people behaving irrationally and cruelly — shall we say, monstrously — when they feel that behaviour will get them attention. In fact, monsters are precisely what are spawning at playgrounds across the world in the form of killer clowns. No, it isn’t just Halloween arriving early. Reports of […]

World News Beat

CANADA – Canada negotiating an extradition treaty with China Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that Canada is negotiating an extradition treaty with China. The controversial treaty, which would allow China to pursue people living in Canada for crimes committed in China, comes with major ethical concerns considering China’s human rights record. One such issue […]