Olive and Ruby should be near the top of your list of places to check out if you're looking for the perfect Instagram post.
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling capture the magic of the classic Hollywood musical as Mia and Sebastian in La La Land.

La La Land captures old school cinematic magic

The classic Hollywood musical gets an updated look while staying true to the genre with Golden Globe darling La La Land. You know you’re in for a cinematic treat when the opening scene is a fully choreographed number set during one of Los Angeles’ infamous traffic jams. Everyone is listening to different music in their […]

2016 was a big year for the girls of Fifth Harmony, not only did Camila Cabello leave the group, it also made it on to our list of worst songs with "Work from Home."

The worst songs of 2016

“Me Too” – Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” is the most painful thing I heard in 2016 — and that’s being nice. The chorus is just “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too” repeated multiple times. Did Trainor sit down with her producers and think, “You know what would be a great […]

A train runs along the Evergreen line earlier this week in preparation of opening today.

As It Is doesn’t care about how fucking cool you think you are

“We realize, that on this tour, the large majority of people have never heard of us.” At least that’s how As It Is front man Patty Walters described opening for Sum 41 and Senses Fail on the Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour at the Commodore Ballroom. They wasted no time during their half-hour set, […]

Fresh Off the Boat explores race within the context of a sterotypical family.

Fresh Off the Boat uses character quirks for the better

Fresh Off the Boat is a rarity for a television show. It focuses on a Chinese family, and was picked up and renewed by a major network: ABC. It is also based off of Chef Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same title. The show is centred on a Chinese family who move from the Chinatown […]

Alex Dang captivates listeners with reality and hilarity.

Four slam poets you have to check out

I fell in love with spoken word poetry two years ago when I stumbled upon YouTube channel Button Poetry. They post videos of spoken word poets performing their original work at the National Poetry Slam (NPS), Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS), and collegiate slam poetry competitions. Spoken word poetry in its current form has been […]