The Gay Agenda: LEAKED!

  Sunday Need a way to get out of those family dinners? You know, the ones where you have to tell your family that you’re still single and even when I do find someone, it won’t be a boyfriend Aunt Marge, damnit. Come to our weekly pub crawl instead! Email Adam, Eve, or Steve for […]


World News Beat

US – United States of America takes a step back in climate change policy President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to repeal many of the United States’ climate policies, notably the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) which limits greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The United States previously piloted world-leading research and […]

Monserrat Videla (left) and Matthew Winter (right) starred in the SCA's production of the Shakespearean classic.

For never was a story of more whoa: Romeo and Juliet

From February 23 to March 4, SFU students from the faculty of performance arts brought the star-crossed lovers of Verona and their entourages to life on stage at SFU Woodward’s. They’ve worked with director Cole Lewis since September on hours of workshops, rehearsals, text analysis and spontaneous, trial-and-error creative challenges. As soon as spectators step […]


Dog meat: a matter of cultural dissonance, not cruelty

Dog videos make their way around Facebook faster than you can say ‘inspiration porn.’ One more serious story I’ve seen recently is the tale of dogs rescued from Korean meat farms and repatriated west for adoption.  Even as a ridiculously overbearing dog-owner, a longtime vegetarian, and a total nut about the animal trade, I consider […]


The Cheapo’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Listen single people, I know February is seen as a month-long Greek tragedy, but the truth is that this is a celebration of you, yourself, and all the money you’re going to save. There’s nothing that says “Happy Valentine’s to me” more than a few extra bucks in your wallet (you know, just in case […]


Life as a Disney Princess

Snow White Pros: Rent is super cheap when split with seven other roommates.   Cons: How can you possibly enjoy apple pie after going through a poisoned-fruit fiasco? Belle Pros: In your own personal library, you never have to fight some dude playing Candy Crush for a spot to spread your crap and study, and […]


The problem with boys who only kiss boys to get laughs

The Golden Globes clip I played on repeat was Meryl Streep’s lethal political takedown; the one I avoided was the infamous kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds. Bless the fangirls and their rekindled hopes for a Spiderman/Deadpool rom-com, but personally, I cringed, remembering my first time at a bar.   I’d just graduated and […]