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Kanye’s Cabinet : President Yeezy’s picks

Washington, DC (Feb. 2020) — It has been less than 100 days of the Yeezy presidency and there has been no shortage of criticism for the Rapper-in-Chief. From organizing the most elaborate inauguration with a hanging stage in front of Capitol Hill, to completely redesigning White House staff uniforms to look like Yeezy season seven, […]

Once again black artists are left on the outside looking in as the Grammys use them to increase TV ratings, while white artists collect the majority of the awards.

Beyoncé’s Grammy loss is about more than just the music

As I watched the 59th Annual Grammy Awards telecast, and waited for Album of the Year (AOTY) to be announced, I knew deep down in my gut that Beyoncé’s Lemonade was not going to win. Despite being the most nominated woman in Recording Academy history with 62 nominations, winning 22 of those nominations, and her […]

“Formation” has become an iconic song, and Beyoncé giving the world the finger captures how most people feel about 2016. Bring it on 2017.

Best albums of 2016

If 2016 were a movie, it would be a blockbuster disaster movie with a perfectly peculiar soundtrack. Artists ignored the boundaries of genre, creating pieces that showcased their progression and vulnerabilities as artists and people. So I tried to put myself in the shoes of a music director and tried to curate a soundtrack for […]

Amu Schumer

Amy Schumer, “Formation” isn’t for you

I remember the night Beyoncé decided to bless us with “Formation.” I was on exchange in England, chatting with a friend on Skype, when I had to stop what I was doing and take it all in. The song was fire, but this was Beyoncé; I expected nothing less. What I found really powerful were […]