How to help finance your degree

  If you read The Peak’s article yesterday, you know that with bills stacking up, it can be hard to afford the necessities, let alone the fun stuff. While you may have heard of, or even use a lot of these methods, it’s still always good to try and get as much tuition money as […]

The End of an Era

Students were shocked to learn that the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) had decided to end their food and beverage services (FBS) forever on June 15. What was more surprising was to hear that the Highland Pub had been permanently closed with little to no warning on April 28. Whether or not you liked the […]

SFU’s storied past with the film industry

Most of us have had the moment of surprise while watching a TV show or movie, where all of a sudden we see our university being used a backdrop. From The X-Files, to Most Valuable Primate, SFU has had some crazy run-ins with Vancouver’s film industry. Lights, Camera, Action? In its years, SFU has gained […]

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