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CHINA – Human rights lawyer admits to Western ‘brainwashing’ Chinese human rights attorney Xie Yang reportedly confessed during his trial by a Chinese court that he was ‘brainwashed’ to bring Western ideals to China. He was apprehended nearly two years ago on charges of inciting subversion. Yang’s trial lacked advanced warning to the public and […]

Kong: Skull Island is an action-packed adventure

Kong: Skull Island delivers fast-paced, explosive action. From its impressive roster of actors to its level of originality, the film provides a different, but modern retelling of Merian C. Cooper’s and Edgar Wallace’s famous story. The film’s ensemble cast is perfect, but character development is sadly too shallow to be taken seriously. Tom Hiddleston (Thor: […]

Four films to put SFU’s snow crisis into perspective

SFU Burnaby had suffered an endless onslaught of snow. Classes were cancelled and snow and ice blocked routes that students normally took to reach their destinations. Despite the hills of white, the slush that covered our every step, and the AQ pond being a frozen tundra of its previous self, we’re still way better off […]

World News Beat

Greece – Three dead of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at refugee camp A refugee camp located on the Greek island of Lesbos was shaken by tragedy after three migrants died inside the camp within the week. Three men were found dead in their tents, with the inhalation of carbon monoxide from the toxic fumes of […]

World News Beat

US – Football player Mike Evans sat during anthem to protest Trump Mike Evans, a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, protested the recent presidential election of Donald Trump by remaining seated during the singing of America’s national anthem before the team played the Chicago Bears. Evans expressed his intent to continue sitting during […]

Snowden shows the human side of Edward Snowden

Snowden is a well-crafted and eye-opening narrative of issues of global surveillance and government accountability in the wake of 9/11. It recreates the overpowering surprise felt when ex-NSA employee, Edward Snowden, exposed the National Security Agency (NSA)’s operations of collecting personal information from millions of people. Playing Snowden, Joseph Gordon-Levitt once again proves that he […]

University Briefs

[VANCOUVER] – Six sponsored student refugees will be attending UBC this fall, aided by a collaborative effort between UBC and the World University Service of Canada. This is not the first time that UBC has supported refugees: the school established its refugee program in the late 1970s. UBC recently doubled the number of students it […]

Independence Day: Resurgence falls short of expectations

Independence Day: Resurgence is a block without the buster. With dry dialogue, failed attempts at comic relief, and two-dimensional characters that leave audiences wondering why they were even in the film, it falls short of the expectations set by its predecessor. The film places too much weight on new actors who deliver downright unsatisfying performances. […]

Captain America: Civil War is about more than just superheroes

Captain America: Civil War is captivating. Moviegoers will be taken aback by the monumental showdown between Captain America and Iron Man. With its political tones rivaling those of its predecessors, this newest instalment to the Captain America film franchise will resonate with audiences. The film’s development was strong, with its political themes of conflicting ideology […]

Boxer Briefs

Burnaby campus revealed to be a flying fortress [BURNABY] – SFU Burnaby recently unveiled itself as a flying mountain fortress. The project’s success was due to a collaboration between Star Wars and Star Trek fans to pursue intergalactic space travel. However, politics have prevented the school fortress from taking off, citing issues in safety. For […]

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