Jeremy Lashar sticks the landing

You’d have a hard time finding a more tight-knit group of guys than SFU’s lacrosse team. They’re always communicating, whether it’s in the middle of a game, on the bus travelling to an away game, or in the study hall helping each other out with their schoolwork. For goalie Jeremy Lashar, the team is like […]

Response to “Stuff We Like/Don’t Like” article

To our readers, We have received a significant amount of feedback over an article we recently published in our arts section for our column “Stuff We Like/Stuff We Don’t Like.” As editor-in-chief of The Peak, as well as the author of the column, I would like to begin by offering an apology to those who […]

Stuff we like and don’t like

Stuff We Like: Lorde Lorde is back, baby, and she’s back with a (literal) vengeance. Her new single “Green Light” is unlike anything she’s ever done — and that’s a good thing. It’s smart and sharp, but also danceable and optimistic in a Robyn-meets-LCD Soundsystem kind of way. It definitely would have sounded out-of-place on […]

Police shouldn’t be a part of pride

Since the 1970s — or the 1980s, depending on who you ask — Vancouver has held its annual Pride parade in the community surrounding Davie Street, a neighbourhood so proudly queer that it’s affectionately referred to as Vancouver’s ‘gaybourhood.’ The event is meant to signify the ongoing fight for rights and visibility for members of […]

Stuff we like and don’t like

Stuff we like: The Good Place I know I’m a little late to the party, but this clever sitcom set in the afterlife is as delightful as it is deep. Veronica Mars fans will find plenty to love in Kristen Bell’s lead performance as Eleanor, a terrible person who somehow ends up in a kind […]

Apply to be our Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again: The Peak is electing its next Editor-in-Chief. We’re looking for a student with talent, ambition, and the ability to lead and manage a diverse team of writers, editors, photographers, filmmakers, and designers. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for everything we publish in our paper, and determines the shape that The Peak will […]

Famous philosophers and their fetishes

Thales: Watersports First in the western canon, first in the sack. Thales thought water was the only element. Show him how right he is.   Friedrich Nietzsche: Strangling What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and the meaninglessness of the universe strangles us everyday anyways.   Immanuel Kant: Anal After all, humans are always an […]

SFU Chairs highlights Burnaby campus’ worst seats

Anyone who has been on SFU’s Burnaby campus for more than a semester has seen them. Beat up, out of place, left out in the cold. This campus is a graveyard for forgotten chairs, and most students have just gotten used to seeing them around. But for two students, they didn’t just see garbage — […]

Let’s Talk about the corporatization of mental health

Mental health in the media is never messy. Portrayed sufferers tend to be bored white people who spend their time indoors with the lights off, until they find the perfect medication for them. Then it’s all bike rides, swingsets, and walks on the beach. Symptoms are clean and treatment is simple: all it takes is […]

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