2016_10_01 IMG_7985 Katrina Chan Nomination

Q&A with provincial NDP candidate and SFU alumna, Katrina Chen

British Columbia’s provincial election is fast approaching, and political parties are working hard to make their rounds and present their platforms. Among the nominees for the NDP is Katrina Chen, one of the few newcomers to B.C. politics in her party and an SFU alumna. As the potential representative for the area surrounding SFU, pertinent […]

Justin Long (above) created an A.I. that's helping people fall in love

Q&A with SFU alumnus and digital cupid, Justin Long

If you’re still swiping left and right on Tinder, looking for a special someone to see this Valentine’s day, have no fear. SFU alumnus Justin Long has developed the artificial intelligence (AI) to help you find your dream partner. Having been consistently identified as one of the leading cities for the technology and innovation, Vancouver […]


SFU officially becomes an engaged university

Pop the champagne bottles and prepare for festivities! On January 1, SFU President Andrew Petter got down on one knee and asked Simon Fraser University to be joined with him in holy matrimony, forever and always. Their engagement is a testament to the transcendence of love beyond classifications of age, gender, and types of things. […]

JasmeenVirk - WhatYourTextbookSaysAboutYou smoll

What your textbook says about you

Classes are in session, and students across all SFU campuses have been dishing out the big dollars to get their hands on textbooks that fit their lifestyles — and their courses. But what does your textbook say about who you are? Find out below!   ARCH — Archaeology *Monkey noises* Why are monkeys monkeys? Ponder […]


SFU Contagion

The following are excerpts from one fearless investigative journalist, who risked their personal well-being to bring the truth to public attention. Their research began with ominous rumours about one Vancouver post-secondary institution, Simon Fraser University, and the outlandish behaviour of its pupils. These logs were acquired through accessing their online cloud files. The journalist’s current […]


How to have sex as an SFU student

How can I incorporate more SFU school spirit into my sex life? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another during our university careers. Statistics show that students’ sexual engagement with SFU is at the all-time low of never having existed. To ensure that students are able to support their university […]


How to live like royalty at SFU

Universities have long been a stronghold for the elite and prestigious. Having a degree makes it much easier for the common folk to relate to pure divinity. With the increase in international students’ fees, it seems likely that SFU will join the likes of Cambridge and Eton in acquiring illustrious attendees eager to splurge on […]

The latest find is one of the few "well-preserved" archaeological sites in the Comox Valley area.
Some emails that were compromised could have contained personal information, but it is impossible to know for sure.

SFU deals with online private data breach

In May, a flaw in a supposedly private SFU database was discovered. The database, which held the contents of IT help tickets from 2013 to 2016, reportedly did not have the appropriate security measures activated. According to director of university communications, Kurt Heinrich, “The privacy breach occurred on January 27, 2016, when IT Services inadvertently […]

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