A city of lights

What is neon? Neon stands out in broad daylight, and for kilometres at night. It draws us in and captures our attention. There’s just something about that glow. In a very strict, material sense, neon signs are created by filling a hollow glass tube with a low-pressure noble gas. The tube is capped at both […]

First Nations art shines at Vancouver Art Gallery

        First Nations Artwork is a defining feature of British Columbia, and also a portion of the larger, often troubled relationship with Indigenous peoples in the province. The Gund Collection: Contemporary and Historical Art from the Northwest Coast and NEXT: Christos Dikeakos, which are on exhibit until January 31st at the Vancouver Art Gallery, provide […]

History of Art

Halfway down the South Concourse of the Academic Quadrangle, there are a pair of indescript glass doors distinct from the sea of wood paneling. Over it, a sign says SFU Gallery — admittedly not a particularly imposing entrance. A relatively small space, it exhibits both contemporary art created primarily but not exclusively from Canadian artists. […]

Get with the Program!

Ever wonder what life would be like if you had chosen to study a different subject — maybe business instead of communications, or even visual arts instead of molecular biology? Well, we interviewed some students and tried to get a sense of what these programs are like. As there are a lot of ways to […]

Ascension showcases SFU’s dance, music, and theatre students

At SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, the end of semester includes a number of programs that showcase student learning and development as artists at the School for the Contemporary Arts. Amongst all this programming is the student-organized show Ascension, which is entering its fourth year. Ascension is a unique initiative that encourages students […]

SFU to expand Burnaby residence

SFU has laid out an ambitious program for the growth of its Burnaby campus residences. The new Residence and Housing Master Plan 2015–35 spans 20 years and will double capacity on Burnaby Mountain, considerably reshaping the structure of the residence community. The 75-page report provides a five phase construction program that will raise the number […]

SFU faculty ‘smacks down’ for charity

For the fourth year in a row, the Faculty Smackdown provided a venue for SFU professors to debate matters of the day, fighting for the coveted “Gnome-it-all Award.” This year’s contentious debate topics were whether or not “the devil is in the details,” and whether or not “the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the […]

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