Carolyn Yip_Week 6 Voluntourism

Voluntourism is just soft colonialism

Voluntourism — a portmanteau of “tourism” and “volunteering” — is a rising phenomenon. Volunteers from abroad work a few hours a day building schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. In their free time, they tour and partake in cultural activities. Interest in voluntourism has grown tremendously over time; organizations specifically target middle- and high-schoolers. But is voluntourism […]


World News Beat

SYRIA – Truck bomb in rebel-held Syrian city An explosion occurred around 11:40 a.m. on January 7 in the rebel-held city of Azaz in northern Syria, killing 50 and injuring 80. The truck bomb exploded near a courthouse and a grocery shop, even though a nationwide ceasefire had begun via efforts from Russia and Turkey. […]


World News Beat

UK – Brexit   The Vote Leave Campaign won the referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU on June 23 with 52% of the vote. Following the vote, David Cameron resigned as prime minister, and was succeeded by Theresa May. The UK is formally set to start the process of leaving the EU by […]


Making a Murderer evens the score on a rigged justice system

In 2007, Brendan Dassey was sentenced to life in prison. His case garnered renewed public attention a decade later, due to the Netflix series Making a Murderer. State investigators interrogated the then-minor without a lawyer present, and falsely offered him leniency for a confession. The misconduct revealed by the show led a US magistrate to […]


SFU alumnus raises over $56,000 for Kickstarter campaign

SFU alumnus Thomas Plywaczewski has a new way to customize helmets. The product is a luminescent cable that is charged by a detachable, water resistant, USB-rechargeable controller called LightMode. The cable can be put on the helmet in any pattern, and when seen in the dark, looks like something out of the movie Tron: Legacy. […]


Weirdest research at SFU

Built on top of a mountain blanketed in fog, SFU was destined to have a mysterious, at times almost eerie, feel. Flash forward 50 years: SFU has become a leading Canadian research university. Hidden somewhere within the concrete expanse of SFU lays many research labs — each with their own story. You may pass them […]

Costumes can express important social messages

This year has been a delight for political junkies (which seems to be everyone, nowadays) and late-night comedians. Our southern neighbours have done an outstanding job for more than a year now, providing us quotidian comic relief as we witness, in real time, the slow and painful decay of American democracy in the span of […]