How to take a good nude

If you are a heterosexual male who says “No homo, bro,” after bestowing your friend with some love, I prohibit you from reading further; you are also the same individual who would say, “Netflix and chill?” to anything that moves. If you are a human being with a mind as wide as the ocean, in […]

This year, I'm ready to keep swimming and embrace my time here at SFU.

Breaking news on breaking your bad habits

I’m a big-city girl who came to an even bigger city to study abroad at SFU. Looking back at my freshman days, I realize that a lot has occurred and a lot has changed; those things have shaped me far more than anyone could’ve predicted. Stereotypical hurdles like the freshman fifteen might’ve been a myth […]


Early holiday celebrations kill my vibe

I believe you when you say you love Christmas. You love the lights on the trees, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and Starbucks starting to smell like eggnog. Even as the temperatures drop, you feel warmer on the inside knowing that another year is ending. December becomes a stress-buster when you […]

SFU swimming seizes the moment at Clan Cup

The annual Clan Cup International on November 18–20 at the Margaret and Paul Savage Pool was a success for SFU, as the team led every day of the tournament. “The competition was very successful, with SFU winning the Clan Cup,” said head coach Liam Donnelly. Coach Donnelly definitely has a lot to be happy for, […]


The secret life of a sessional instructor

Sessional instructors, also known as adjunct faculty, are every university’s secret. We know they exist, but we don’t know too much about them, what they do, or why job security in academia is such a large issue. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that a significant portion of your courses at SFU might have […]

This season, Velte finished first in the 136-pound weight division at the Mike Clock Open.

Mallory Velte is the example of the wrestler’s life

Since Grade 9, Mallory Velte has been wrestling. It’s been an unexpected journey for the fourth-year student, who has since made a name for herself with outstanding performances as part of SFU’s wrestling team. For Velte, competitive wrestling defines her life in every aspect. “I wanted to try wrestling in middle school, but I was […]

JJ Pankratz (#22), seen here in action earlier this season, had 24 points and nine rebounds in SFU’s win.

SFU men’s basketball defeats Lindenwood Lions 81–73

The SFU Clan earned a well-deserved win on Friday afternoon against the Lindenwood Lions after an air of uncertain victory throughout the game. The game was very close, with no team having a decided advantage: the final score was 81–73. SFU demonstrated a fierce attack on offence as they dominated the scoreboard for the first […]

Lauren Swistak was named to the CollegeSwimming.com 2016-17 Division II Pre-Season All-America team.

SFU swimming in for improved success

SFU’s swim team saw massive achievements this past spring, and head coach Liam Donnelly has hopes for a bigger win for the upcoming season. The team consists of an equal spread of 13 swimmers on the men’s and women’s teams this year, with nine new recruits. “Everyone on the team get[s] along and care[s] for […]


Never say oui to Ouija boards

I wanted ghosts to be real. I wanted my fear of darkness be validated by the presence of otherworldly beings. Since the age of five, I would switch channels until I found a horror movie on the TV. I didn’t like horror that illustrated such grotesque monsters, but it validated me. This fed my interest […]


“Killer clown” sightings in BC terrorize local population

Those afraid of clowns may want to stay inside this Halloween season. Sightings of people dressed as clowns have become a phenomenon recently, with reports in many cities of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The unprecedented trend of so-called “killer clowns” has taken over social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Simultaneously, […]

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