The team behind SFUxFW (left to right): Caitlin Van der Have (VP of HR & Talent), Kabir Bajwa (VP of Digital Communication), Yzobel Biron (Creative Director), Nashmin Namur (VP of Marketing), Hafiz Akinlusi (VP of Sales & Booth).

SFU presents fourth annual Fashion Week

SFU’s Fashion Week is back for its fourth season this year, and it comes even bigger than previous seasons. This year, SFU Fashion Week will be taking place from March 29–31 at all three campuses. The Peak sat down with SFU Fashion Week’s creative director, Yzobel Biron, to talk about what can be expected at […]


SFU Pipe Band: a campus treasure wrapped in tartan

No SFU event would be complete without the presence of a piper. The SFU Pipe Band’s roots are deeply intertwined with the university, and their reputation is internationally renowned. But here at SFU, students sometimes are unaware that they are in the midst of true musical brilliance. A peek back in time As The Tartan […]

Science_and_Technology_long distance

cLab research finds a new way to connect long-distance couples

Long-distance relationships are about to become a lot more intimate, with the help of some new technologies coming out of SFU. Carman Neustaedter, associate professor with the School of Interactive Art and Technology (SIAT), has been working with several graduate students at the Connections Lab (cLab) to create new technologies to connect people who are […]


SFU Confessions brings us together in anonymity

“Here’s a confession for you: I definitely follow the SFU Confessions page more closely than I follow the UBC one. Ours is kinda lame.” These are the words of a friend who goes to UBC and also follows the SFU Confessions page religiously. If you’re not aware of what it is, SFU Confessions is a […]


Light rail transit gets the green light in Surrey

Surrey is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, currently housing 20% of the region’s population. With Surrey’s population expected to exceed that of Vancouver over the next 30 years, the city is looking to upgrade the current transit system to keep up with the growing demand. As part of phase one of the […]

Pill tracks body temperature while exercising

The introduction of technology into the world of fitness and exercise through devices such as the Apple Watch and the Fitbit, has revolutionized the way that we monitor our progress when we work out. But what if you could obtain that same information without having to wear anything on your wrist? That is what SFU’s […]


Snowmageddon: A Vancouverite’s guide to dealing with snow

The recent dumping of snow over our city has left Vancouverites feeling defenseless, hopeless, and just plain useless at times. We’re talking about people whose driving skills are even further challenged and grown men fighting over salt. So even though snow isn’t cool, here is a guide on how Vancouverites should decently deal with it. […]


How to flirt with your cute tutorial partner

University classes offer students the perfect window to find that special somebody, yet they don’t teach you how to effectively flirt with your tutorial or lab partner. So listen up and take good notes. You might not have a stellar GPA, but hey, winning the heart of that cutie is much more important than paying […]


Pay attention to the SFSS or pay up

If you thought that election talk couldn’t get any worse, I’ve got some news for you: the SFSS is at it again, with another election in our midst. On October 17, the upcoming Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) presidential byelection’s nomination period opened up, meaning that we’re in for another round of student elections to […]

Don't be deceived by it's good looks — the toppings on this mac and cheese make for an unpleasant  dining experience.

FOOD FIGHT: Innovation and comfort food don’t always mix

Fable Diner reimagines Main Street with a 1950s flair. Opened in early July, Fable Diner, a spin-off of Kitsilano’s Fable Restaurant, brings an upscale diner experience while maintaining the integrity of a movie-style diner: wooden tables, forest green leather booths, modern white tile, and retro prints. The service was friendly and genuine, even throughout the […]

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