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Sick Scenes – Los Campesinos! The UK band, Los Campesinos! (LC!) — advertised as “your ex-girlfriend’s favorite band” — return to the alternative indie-rock scene with their sixth album, Sick Scenes. Sick Scenes is about battling mental health issues, relationships, and the uncertainty and anxiety of ascending past emerging adulthood. In LC! fashion, it’s filled […]

Brett Norbury and Tamara Connor (pictured above) win swag at Printemps de la Francophonie

Français: SFU reçoit Le Printemps de la francophonie pour célébrer la francophonie à Vancouver et a l’étrangèr

Le Bureau des Affaires Francophones et Francophiles (BAFF) à SFU est heureux de présenter leur 7e événement annuel, Le Printemps de la francophonie. L’événement a commencé vers la fin février et va continuer jusqu’à la fin du mois de Mars. Le Printemps de la francophonie est composé d’une série d’événements incluant des conférences, des tables […]

Brett Norbury and Tamara Connor (pictured above) win swag at Printemps de la Francophonie

English: SFU proudly hosts month-long event to celebrate francophonie

SFU’s Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) is presenting the seventh annual Le Printemps de la francophonie. The event started late February and will continue until the end of March. Le Printemps de la francophonie is a multi-part series that includes a speaker series, roundtable conversations, film viewings, cultural activities, casual gatherings, and parties. […]

Stuff we like

Stuff we like and don’t like

Stuff we don’t like — Not getting what you expected from a menu (especially ones with pictures) It’s a pretty well known fact that your food isn’t going to look like the picture (I’m looking at you McDonald’s). But usually the picture shows all of the ingredients even the ones you can’t usually see like […]


SPOOF: The Mascot of the Year

It’s midday on Burnaby Mountain and the air is thin and frosty. With the exam period over and the new semester still weeks away, few of the university’s nearly 30,000 students remain on campus, with most students in residence having gone home for the holidays. The quiet is only broken by the occasional howls and […]


Your guide to an awesome 2017

If there is any reason to be excited about 2017, it’s that 2016 is finally over. Now that it’s all said and done, 2016 was a pretty messed up year for all of us. But with the new year comes some super rad things to get hyped about. So, if you’re still riding the depressing […]



A sad pile of luscious Liberal locks is single and ready to mingle. The Trudeau-Obama bromance was too hot to handle, but with Obama wanting to move on and “see other people,” we’re all left hanging in an uncomfortable limbo. Thankfully, there is a new world leader on the table. He’s tall, orange, and kind […]


Remembering Canadian soldiers from abroad

“To the valour of their countrymen in the great war and in memory of their sixty thousand dead this monument is raised by the people of Canada.” That is what I read while standing on the plain green fields of Vimy Ridge in the north of France, knees shaking from the 2C weather, and teary-eyed […]

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