Just because it has singing mermaids, it doesn’t mean that it’s The Little Mermaid.

The Lure breaks conventions of genre to define its own

My first thought when I heard about this film was: “a European film about carnivorous mermaids? Awesome!” I was expecting to see exposed breasts and mermaids seducing men and women, then ripping their throats out and dragging their bodies into the water. Unfortunately, this only happened once, which disappointed me greatly. The “gore” in the […]

Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) and Mark (Ewan McGregor) still clearly have a deep seated affection towards each other and their friendship despite the betrayal that is at the centre of the film.
Maureen (Kristen Stewart) tries to contact her recently departed brother throughout the course of the film by using her skills as a medium who can’t directly talk to the dead.

Personal Shopper drags the audience into a fog of angst

Personal Shopper is classified as a horror movie, but the scariest part wasn’t the ghost. It was the malaise the audience was left with at the conclusion of the film. My initial response was that it was a horrible film, because it left me feeling confused and disappointed. There was a lot going on, and the […]



Sirens by Nicolas Jaar Nicolas Jaar’s second LP, Sirens, does not break new ground with his stark, bass-heavy style. Instead, he incorporates all his previous efforts to create his most cohesive yet challenging record to date. This album moves fluidly through instrumentation, genre, and even language. Take a track like “The Governor,” which combines a […]


Point / Counterpoint

No, demand from the student body isn’t as strong as it appears   By Tanya Humeniuk   The story of the Build SFU project is best-described as a tragicomedy. Nobody wins, and the characters’ absurd actions bring about a disastrous end. Fittingly, the lack of transparency regarding the project has left the events behind the controversy […]

James Nizam's gallery show Ascensions of Time makes photographs move despite their static nature. you can see Frieze at the BAF Gallery until October 22.

James Nizam’s work puts movement at the fore

James Nizam’s Ascensions of Time at the Burrard Arts Foundation Gallery is both superficially and conceptually engaging. By subverting our expectations in his photography, Nizam expands our conception of what the medium can convey. Photography is normally seen as an artistic medium that uses light to capture an image of some space in a single […]

Swans bring an intensity like no other to the stage

Seeing Swans perform live is intense. The difference between hearing the band’s studio recordings and hearing them in the flesh is akin to the difference between watching violence on screen to watching violence in real life. The emotional force of their music was majorly amplified — and not only because of the literal wall of […]

New York based band Parquet Courts stopped in Vancouver on August 27 at the Vouge as part of their latest tour.
Album reviews week 8 web

Album Reviews

Band of Horses – Why Are You OK By Jessica Whitesel Indie group Band of Horses is back again with Why Are You OK, which left me asking if the band was OK. Their 2006 song “The Funeral” is one of my favourites, along with its album Everything All the Time. Yet their latest release […]

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