Max: This guy clearly stole that dog. Look how scared it looks. Nick: This dog is more qualified than 99% of the candidates running. Courtney: Would 100% vote for the doggo. Matthew: I heard that this isn’t even his dog. PHONY. Elena: DON’T 👏 POST 👏 A 👏 DOG 👏 PHOTO👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 DON’T […]

Staff Favourite Albums

Good Grief by Lucius: One of my biggest regrets of 2016 is that I didn’t see Lucius when they were in Vancouver. Twinsies power duo. What more could you want. – Natalie Serafini, Copy Editor 1989 by Taylor Swift: She’s a snake but what can I say? She’s got the talent that brought her to […]

The Peak staff picks their 2015 SFSS candidates!

*Please note that the followings represents the views of some of The Peak staff and do not reflect the views of the Peak Publications Society.    The Peak’s editorial staff submitted votes for their preferred executive candidates for the 2015 SFSS elections. After tallying the results and hearing various opinions, we have selected the following […]