Keeping my screens and gadgets out of my bed

I love my phone, that cracked screen beckoning to me with its little blinking LED. I used to be on my phone so much around my friends that they decided it needed a name: Winston. Social media, news, and YouTube all had a big space in my day — big enough that I was definitely […]


Dick pics don’t make for a good first impression

Recently, I made a short-lived decision to give the dating apps another go. I’d forgotten about one of the big things that drove me away last time: dick pics as a greeting. I’d like to say this is a “gay guy thing,” except I hear from friends on other apps that it’s not an exclusive […]


Vancouver transit is underappreciated

What is with this region and its hate for transit? Yes, it takes 50 minutes to go from East Burnaby to the West End. You are traveling a long way. Ignoring the huge costs involved with owning and operating a vehicle, driving would only take 15 minutes less, assuming the roads are clear — and you’d […]

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Is gay porn giving me a white guy fetish?

Ithink I’ve been watching too much gay porn. It’s no shock that the media we consume, be it visual or auditory, affects our opinions of people and situations in the world. We know that music can induce certain emotional responses, or that we can become desensitized to disturbing content the more that we watch it. […]

Pokemon Go - Tia Young

Pokémon Go has ruined my sex life

He leaned in for a kiss. I did the same. We embraced, and it was great — there’s something about geeky guys that really gets my blood pumping. Our hands began to roam when suddenly his pants vibrated. I grinned and pulled back, about to make a lewd comment about a toy. He, however, pulled […]

gayEstablishment Nancy Chen

My first gay bar experience

Continuing the conversation on the Pulse massacre is important. By letting these atrocities be drowned out from news cycles, they simply become a footnote, instead of a moment for change. This event wasn’t about gun control or religious radicalization — it was about loss. There was a loss of lives, of community, and of protection. […]

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COLUMN | TIM’S BIT: Multitasking doesn’t exist

Tim’s Bit: Tirades on our stupidest things. . . is a web-exclusive column featuring Tim Mottishaw’s comedic tirades on some of our humanity’s dumbest problems, with regards to culture, society and politics. Read more Tim’s Bit here! How did we become so connected to our devices that the idea of focusing or ‘monotasking’ ceased to exist — […]


Get out of your own head by getting out of the country

My favourite part of travelling long distances and getting to stay a while is that I can redefine myself. We live in a culture of self-improvement. Faith, politics, diets, exercise, New Year’s resolutions. . . are all ways we are told we can better ourselves. We all just want to do what is best, we […]

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