The modern and live action adaptation of beloved comic series Archie isn't afraid to acknowledge the fact that it is filled with clichés and a darker edge than the source.

Vancouver Voted Snowiest City By Local Residents

Following the recent snowfalls, Vancouver residents have voted the city as the snowiest city in Canada. This comes in the wake of a four-month onslaught of snow that has left Vancouverites without warmth or shelter — other than the shelter of their own warm homes — and unable to attend their Moksha yoga classes, throwing […]

Don't let the lack of graphics fool you, Liberal Crime Squad is one of the most immersive games of what if surrounding politics.

Liberal Crime Squad is the most topical game of 2017

Republicans have gained majority control of the House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court, and the Oval Office with commentators describing it as the beginning of a new Conservative era. This is the world of Liberal Crime Squad, the 2002 freeware game by Tarn Adams. The game positions you as the founder and leader of a […]

Malina Weissman (Violet), Presley Smith (Sunny), and Louis Hynes (Klaus) tackle the roles of the ill-fortuned Baudelaire orphans in Netflix’s latest original series.

Unfortunate might be in the title, but it’s no way to describe Netflix’s latest series

Based on the quirky and delightfully dark 1999 book series, Lemony Snicket’s A series of Unfortunate Events is the latest addition to Netflix’s growing library of original content. Consisting of eight episodes which cover the first four books, the show carefully balances tragedy and comedy as it follows Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, who are […]

After taking player feedback on the first Watchdogs instalment seriously, Ubisoft has released a much improved sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 is a much improved sequel

Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the 2014 open world hacking game by Ubisoft Montreal. It is larger and more developed than the original, and puts players in the role of Marcus Holloway, a resident of the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. The game takes place in a world shortly after the installation of […]

Following some divisive releases (Hitman Absolution) and beloved ones (Hitman Blood Money), IO Interactive has brought Agent 47 back by way of episodic release.

Hitman forgoes traditional one-and-done release

Hitman, also referred to as Hitman 2016, is a stealth action game released by IO Interactive earlier this year. It’s the sixth entry in the series, following the divisive Hitman Absolution (2012) and the much-beloved Hitman Blood Money (2006). The initial release back in March was tainted by negative fan response over the game switching […]


How to die first in a horror film in 10 easy steps

Let’s say you find yourself inside a horror movie. I know, right? So annoying! There’s the fear, the shouting, the hiding, and additionally, your clothes will be all sweaty and gross from running — it’s super inconvenient. You’re busy! You’ve got tests to ace, video games to play; you want to watch movies, not be […]

The Voices features Ryan Reynolds as Jerry.

Ten horror movies you’ve never heard of

Pontypool This Canadian zombie film follows Grant Mazzy, a former big city radio shock jock who is reassigned to a station in the small unincorporated village of Pontypool, Ontario. With a blizzard raging outside, Grant and his co-workers decide to stay on the air to help inform their listeners as the town seemingly descends into […]


The official Peak Transit survival guide

Where will you be when the world ends? Will you be in the library, cramming for that test? Will you be using your last Poké Ball to catch that Dratini in the AQ reflecting pool? Will you be knocking back beers at the Highland Pub? Chances are, you’ll be on a TransLink bus as it […]

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