WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Construction on campus

I totally get it. SFU is an ever-evolving institution, and with classes running year-round, any physical changes made will inevitably overlap with the day-to-day lives of students and faculty alike. But damn, is it annoying! It can be super obstructive — my Starbucks route has had to evade this shit to a truly impossible degree […]

Tim Hortons’ possible closure deserves more student input

As you might’ve heard, SFU’s sparking a hardcore internal makeover of its available set of eateries. This includes potentially canning the Burnaby campus Tim Hortons, a hotspot for hungry students at all hours. Tim Hortons has fallen under the gun for its lack of a fair trade option, which doesn’t quite complement the “fair trade […]

Don’t romanticize political “honesty”

In the rank ocean of Donald Trump-related editorials out there, one headline that really popped for me was “Are people who hate Trump just snobs?” Maybe it would be more accurate to say I felt my eyeballs popping out of my face like the worst case of crazy-eyes you’ve ever seen. Basically, the article claims […]

We need safer homeless shelters, not just more of them

Right now, there are cities springing up within cities. The walls in these spaces are made of nylon and canvas rather than anything like brick, but in some ways, they’re stronger shelters than anything their predecessors have given to their less-privileged denizens. They’re tent cities, and Vancouver wants nothing to do with them. A tent […]

How to make Metro Vancouver roads a safe haven

Most of us are aware that driving in Vancouver is often reputed to be a near-death sentence for the uninitiated. We say this jokingly, but let’s look at a quick snapshot of some recent accidents in the Metro Vancouver area. For just a couple of examples, we have: a car crash on Lougheed Highway in […]

Suicide prevention means more than a net under a bridge

There’s a big gap between the amount of time/money/effort we wish organizations poured into mental health resources and initiatives, and the amount they actually do. A big part of California is hoping to bridge that gap with a net under an awfully literal bridge. Last month, construction of a “suicide net” for the Golden Gate […]

How to treat your summer semester like summer vacation

Tanning on the 95 B-Line Start and end your day the right way by absorbing some Vitamin D en route to school. Lie on your back — because taking up multiple seats for no reason but your own pleasure is a staple of taking busses in Vancouver — and absorb the sunny personalities of your […]

Constructing a weird war between majors isn’t constructive

It’s the eternal debate that continues to pop up every so often between SFU students: which is the superior degree? It’s not usually brought to the table in exactly that form. It’s more like rude comments about how stating the difficulty of writing excellent essays and keeping up with heavy reading for non-science courses is […]

Please vote in BC’s elections, even if you hate everyone

As someone who had to be strong-armed into registering to vote in BC’S provincial general election this year by a coworker, maybe I’m not the best person to tell you to follow in our footsteps and be all active in your riding and whatever. But if you’re like me and you normally have too much […]

The SFSS 2017 candidate endorsements

Editor’s Note: Candidate endorsements for elections are a norm both in student journalism and in the professional world: in the 2016 elections for the US president, at least 100 known American publications put their thoughts out there. Though this year’s IEC has asked student groups at SFU to refrain from endorsing candidates, The Peak is […]

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