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Just because it has singing mermaids, it doesn’t mean that it’s The Little Mermaid.

The Lure breaks conventions of genre to define its own

My first thought when I heard about this film was: “a European film about carnivorous mermaids? Awesome!” I was expecting to see exposed breasts and mermaids seducing men and women, then ripping their throats out and dragging their bodies into the water. Unfortunately, this only happened once, which disappointed me greatly. The “gore” in the […]

Olive and Ruby should be near the top of your list of places to check out if you're looking for the perfect Instagram post.
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MacGyver (2016) This modern reboot of an ’80s classic would make more sense as anything other than a MacGyver reboot. Starring Lucas Till and That Guy From CSI, the show adds into the mix a sexy hacker, for some reason, and gives MacGyver a roommate that fills all of the black best friend stereotypes. Even […]

the age of electric

After almost 20 years away, The Age of Electric is back on stage

After playing their last concert in Ontario in 1998, fans of the Age of Electric were stoked when they announced their 2017 tour to show off some of the work they’ve been doing in their almost 20-year absence. What Vancouver venue could be better to welcome such iconic rock stars than the Commodore Ballroom? Given […]

her story

New Music Friday

Follow The Peak on Spotify to stay up to date on New Music Friday. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar Neil MacAlister: This beat feels like getting punched in the face by a freight train. This might be the most contemporary Kendrick has sounded. He’s pulling no punches, he’s here to blow your mind and your speakers. […]

The dancers featured in Women Marching rehearse before taking to the stage.

Women Marching captures female empowerment in dance

Each year, the School for the Contemporary Arts Repertory Dancers have guest choreographers come to work with them. Their upcoming show, Women Marching, includes five pieces: one by rehearsal directors Marla Eist and Henry Daniel, three works by local choreographers (Vanessa Goodman, Judith Garay, and Wen Wei Wang), and, thanks to a grant named in […]

Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) and Mark (Ewan McGregor) still clearly have a deep seated affection towards each other and their friendship despite the betrayal that is at the centre of the film.
Netflix and Marvel had a chance to get rid of the white savour, they didn't and cast Finn Jones in the lead role.

Meet “the Donald Trump of superheroes”

The A.V. Club, an online entertainment review publication, has made the connection that the main character in Marvel’s Iron Fist has more than a few similarities to Donald Trump; a phrase that should be at least a little concerning about a superhero. So where did Marvel and Netflix go wrong? Everywhere. This show is a […]


New Music Friday

Follow The Peak on Spotify to stay up to date on New Music Friday. “The Heart Part 4” – Kendrick Lamar Neil MacAlister: I don’t even know where to begin, this is just too dope. The beat switches. The flow changeups. The takedown of Big Sean, who was getting far too big for his boots. […]

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